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2023 Reading Challenge

2023 Reading Challenge
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Cut Out The Negative People in Your Life

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

I may not know Eleanor Roosevelt that much but her words have been a constant reminder for myself that the only way anyone can put me down is if I let them. And every day since my second year in high school, I have been teaching myself to keep my head high despite all the negativity that was circling around me. It was not easy to disregard all the bad things that people have said to me but when I finally learned how to ignore them, it made my life better. ❤️

I’ve been mocked and put down for so many times that I lost count of them. Growing up fat and awkward and pretty much "different" from my peers wasn't easy. And I wasn't one to conform and pretend to like stuff just to fit in with what is currently "in". And because of this, I’ve been laughed at and been ridiculed. I’ve been criticized, and my opinions have been rejected and set aside. I was hurt because of people talking behind my back. I’ve been a laughing stock, I’ve been even accused of things I didn't do. So many negative comments were said to me and they were just screaming at me inside my head. You could say that I wasn't in the best place.

I didn't know how to handle stuff back then. I was immature and I take things so seriously and my self-esteem just went to zero (beyond zero pa siguro). YOU CANNOT PLEASE EVERYBODY. The day I learned that the only way to keep my sanity intact was to develop self-love and ignore what other people were saying, was the day I managed to stand back up and continue with my life journey without taking the negativity into account. I worked even harder then. I learned to walk with my face held high amidst the struggles. I learned how to ignore rumors and turn discriminations into positive criticism I have to work around to bring out the best in me. It was a long journey but every bit of it was worth it.

All of it starts with a positive outlook in life and, of course, with the help of family and friends, true friends.

If you have experienced some of what I have mentioned up there, then I suggest you do what my title says. Cut out all the negative people in your life, stay away from them, don't listen to any of their words, flush them all out (because let's be honest, losing them wouldn't make that much of an impact in your life) and stay with those people who only make you truly happy. Surround yourself with people who make you feel better about yourself. Teach yourself a positive attitude, read feel-good books, listen to feel-good music, and just be happy.

Don’t ever think that you are not worth it, because you ARE. You don’t deserve the destructive criticisms of those people who are only trying to bring you down. Don’t let their words put out your mood, don’t let them destroy your day, because if you do, it’s like you’re telling them that they win. Do not give them that satisfaction because you are worth it, every piece of you. Ignore them because eventually, they will tire out. Just think of happy thoughts. Just think about what you can do to make yourself even better and what you can do to love yourself even more.

Self-love isn't about being selfish or being conceited. It's about embracing your unique self, embracing all the flaws you have, all the mistakes you did, all the quirky things you like to do. Because you deserve all of your love and more. :)

I'm ending this one with a quote from Richel's blog because I really love it and I think you need to read it too.

“Your life and who you uniquely are is invaluable. You matter. You’re a soul. You are loved. Whether you believe it or not, that’s the truth.”


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