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2023 Reading Challenge
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How to Really Know Someone | 01

Hello everybody, happy hump day! So I have come across this question tag this morning from Richel's that was originally from Corinth's and I told myself, why not have this series on mine, too? I don't really have a secret life and pretty much this blog can be as personal as it can get but I still want to share some things about myself. You guys can totally do your version of the How-to-really-know-someone tag and it would be nice if you'd tell me about it so that I can get to know you better, too, or you can opt to comment your thoughts on the comment section below. ^_^ Okay, here goes...

1. How do you feel about birthdays?

I love birthdays because they are markers every year that means I've reached another milestone in life. Yes, you are a year older but that also means you're a year wiser, a year prettier, a year fiercer. You've passed the challenges that have been thrown to you for the year and you're ready to move on and venture on another year. It's a blessing to be given another year to live, love, and laugh. *wink*

2. Do you believe in fate?

Yes, I do somehow. I am a little bit of a romantic and being a believer of fate and destiny is embedded in my being. I like to think that my future is already written yet I still have the power to change them depending on my actions. I love the thought that I am fated for someone and that the man up there has already chosen someone for me. It sounds cliche but that's who I am, hehe.

3. What do you think when a band/artist "sells out"?

I think they're desperate and have been blinded by money and/or fame, but whatever, it's their choice and we cannot do anything about it.

4. What do you think of fans and fandoms?

I admire them for believing in their idols and sticking out for them. I am a fan myself (of Taylor Swift and Disney among many things) and I am proud to be one. Although there's a downside to this one if that admiration turns into obsession. There is a fine line between being a fan and being a stalker and I do not approve of the latter.

5. Any specific personality traits you would like to see in your life partner?

Well, there are some things. For one, my lifetime partner should be patient with me because I can be really crazy. He should be willing to compromise and understand when things get rough as I am willing to do both, too. He should be hardworking because no one likes a lazy ass, and finally, he should be honest. Relationships are built on trust and if we can't be honest with each other, we can't be able to trust each other now, would we?

I'll be back with more questions soon :) 

If you want to join along, you can find the rest of the questions here. Comment below so I can read your answers, I'd love to hear from you!


  1. Didn't know you started doing this tag as well! Love reading your answers, Renee. Love that you're a Taylor Swift fan as well! <3

    xx, Richel Goes Places

    1. I got started right after you replied to my comment on your post, hehehe. :D


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