The Random Bibliophile

by Renee Alexis

Renee Alexis
20-something Filipina, an introvert who loves young adult fiction, brush pens, Taylor Swift, and BTS. Coffee runs in my bloodstream.


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2023 Reading Challenge

2023 Reading Challenge
Renee Alexis has read 0 books toward her goal of 30 books.


The Blogger

Renee Alexis, a 20-something millennial from the Philippines, likes to consider herself a creative. She has a penchant for books and coffee. To get to know her through the books she reads, do visit her Goodreads profile.

As an aspiring writer and traveler, Renee hopes to visit every corner of the Philippines and then eventually, every country of the world! Renee is open to meeting like-minded people but she is the type who needs to have her alone time to recharge her social batteries. In her free time, you can either find her lounging in bed reading a book, watching a movie, or scrolling through Twitter. She is a Mobile Legends Player - hero specialty: Lou Yi, Ruby & Hanabi.

Renee is a Mediator (INFP-T). She is 80% introverted who enjoys the company of her closest friends and family. She is a romantic and has pretty high standards when it comes to "love". She likes all things dainty and vintage, a total Swiftie, and an ARMY, too. She's friendly even though she initially seems standoffish. She's awkward and happens to have weird habits and tastes but she hopes you'd enjoy her adventures enough to follow her through this journey called life.

The Blog

The Random Bibliophile was founded several years ago. It was originally published on around 2010 but I decided I wanted to "up" my blogging game, so I moved to Blogspot on May 11, 2016.

I originally called my little corner of the internet "Living in Random Thoughts" as I am constantly a very random person, but as the years went by, I grew to love talking about the books I've read and even made reviews about them. That was when The Random Bibliophile was born - a combination of a very random life with one thing that is constant, and that is being a lover of books. ❤

This blog is an outlet for my creativity and my thousands of random thoughts running around inside my pretty little head. It is a means to vent out my frustrations and deepest feelings, a little corner of cyberspace I could call my own.

In this little haven, you will read about a variety of topics, ranging from books, beauty, food, travel, bullet journaling, movie & tv shows, thoughts, inspirations, and my personal life.  Basically, anything that interests me that I want to share with my readers. This blog serves as my journal and diary as I make memories of this life I have. 

I hope you enjoy your stay here on my site! If you want to reach me, you can beep me up on Twitter or Instagram, I almost always respond right away! You can also email me at for any concerns. 

This blog is open to collaborations and business proposals. Contact here.

Enjoy the blog!

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