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2023 Reading Challenge

2023 Reading Challenge
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Life Lately: September Blues

September is coming to an end like all the other months did, and again I'm gonna say this, "WHERE DID THE MONTH GO???". I can still remember vividly how I just posted my "Things to look forward to in September" and now, the month is in its last week? How? HOW? Seriously, why has time been so fast lately? I feel like I'm getting older faster. :( I feel like I didn't do as many things as I can. :(


Okay, enough with all that whining. Today, I want to have a little update in the form of a life lately post. I have been out and about the blogosphere because I feel like it has been eating me up. I have been religious in keeping my blog updated for the past months. I have even made a schedule for myself so that I can come up with posts beforehand. But lately, it got me into thinking. Do I really have the need to put up posts three times a week every month? I honestly don't know. I'm still figuring it out. If you have any advice, please do tell me in the comments section below.

So, last week I was getting fed up with work. I was very unproductive and I felt really useless. Our plant was in a shutdown and all the workers were just cleaning up and repairing the equipment and pieces of machinery and I am just sitting in the office, facing the computer screen for the whole day, every day. I was fed up with work, with the internet, with my blog, with social media, with the people around me, with everything. So I decided to have a mini-break, a.k.a. the leave-with-no-pay kind of break. I filed my 3-day leave and I was happy my boss approved it and I was free of my responsibilities for a short while.

Taking a Trip to the Beach

Jethro was coming to see me and when I filed my leave, I made sure to file on the dates he was staying here with me. I then planned on where we could go on those three days. It was a no-brainer at all because as you guys would have probably figured out, I love the beach, and that's where we headed. My work is based in South Cotabato and fortunately, we are just 4 hours away to this paradise called Gumasa Beach in Glan, Sarangani where Sarbay is annually celebrated. I googled all the possible things I needed to learn to reach the place and when I told Jethro about my plan, he gladly agreed. The beach was heaven. I will be having a separate post about it to show off all the pictures I took. I promise it looks amazing! Just look at my Instagram if you are dying to see it! :D

The City of Manny Pacquiao

After our overnight stay at Gumasa, Jethro and I stayed overnight at General Santos City. We met with our college friends there and had really fun. We conversed and caught up with each other, ate out, played at the arcade, strolled at malls, sang at karaoke bars, and just enjoyed each other's company. It had been a long time since we saw each other and it would take a long time for us to meet again.

Calling in Sick

On the last day of my mini-vacay, I caught the flu. We were supposed to go to Lake Sebu that day but due to my sickness, we hurriedly went home so I could rest. I had chills and had an asthma attack. It was a bad day. My temperature sky-plummeted and I was bed-confined. I slept and slept yet I still had to miss work the next day I'm supposed to go back because I still wasn't feeling okay. I spent the entire day in bed feeling so weak; my joints were aching, and I had nosebleeds. I was afraid I might have contracted a disease far worse than the simple flu. But thank God, I hadn't. My body was just really hot and all I needed was to take a bath to cool it down. After the bath, I felt a little better. I was so thankful Jethro was there. He took care of me. He bought me food, fed me, gave me the meds on time, checked up on me, he even did the laundry for me. I don't want to get sick again, but I would want to be taken care of like that, every time! hehehe :P

The Sad, Bad News

When I got back to work yesterday, I found out our Mill Manager, my mentor had resigned and was gone for good. The company sacked him and I'm still pissed about it. Pissed and sad because he was a very incredible metallurgist. I was looking forward to learning more from him. I was sticking in this company because of him and now that he's not here anymore, what am I still doing here? I better find a new job. Like, right now. Hire me!

Finally Started to Bullet Journal

BuJo!!! I have loved notebooks and planners and diaries ever since I can remember and after months of hearing about how gorgeous BuJo's are, I finally gave in. I bought a planner in NBS while I was in GenSan and "some" pens. I was ecstatic to get started and when I finally did, I am full of bliss! Check out my Instagram story today to see my progress! :D I can't wait to fill out the pages and I am sure to be sharing them in this blog. Stay tuned for it!

And that was what happened when I was busy living life. I hope to get back on my blogging schedule soon. I still don't feel motivated enough but I am trying! In the meantime, I'll be busy with my BuJo and finding where/what my next job is. Ciao for now, guys! xx


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