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2023 Reading Challenge

2023 Reading Challenge
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The Happy List Vol. 01

Renee's Happy List Volume 1

Week one of October kinda started off roughly. What with all the company drama I've been to, it's hard to really take work matters off my mind. The bright side, though, is that even though there are a lot of negative energy spinning around me waiting for me to lose my cool, there are a couple number of things that made hurdling this week bearable. 

  1. New episodes of The Voice, Once Upon a Time, and How to Get Away with Murder
    I live for these shows, I've been living for a lot of shows but as of the moment, these three are my addictions. I have been a fan of The Voice since season 1 and I am ecstatic that Alicia Keys and Miley Cyrus are now a part of it! They are major game changers of the show and seeing Adam and Blake sweat out every time they have to battle the girls amuses me right off the charts! I can't stop laughing every time I watch the Blinds. The Adam and Blake tandem have always been hilarious and they continue to do so after all this time. :D And who wouldn't love the new season of OUAT and HTGAWM??? These shows are the bomb! The Evil Queen is back and I am so excited!
  2. Reading Devotionals on the Bible App and keeping track of my daily bread
    I wanted to find the road back and the devotional Finding Your Way Back to God was the one read I needed to see what path I should go to. It's been so long since I've sought counsel in Him and now I'm finally finding the peace and solace I longed for quite a while. I missed reading God's word and I miss talking to Him even more. I'm glad I'm on my way back to Him. ❤️
  3. New found pretty blogger templates
    As you may have seen, I have finally changed my blog's theme and I am completely in love with its simplicity. I've been bothered and uninspired with my previous one and I have been searching for quite some time for the "perfect" template. Good thing I found this one from Sora Templates, why have I not seen this before?? 
  4. Custard cake and other sweet stuff
    I am a huge dessert lover and cake & ice cream is my number 1 comfort food. Whenever my sweet tooth craves for something, I can always be sure that it's either of the two that I will likely want. I need to control my intake of sweets, though, because the cases of acquired diabetes are on the rise and my mom never fails to remind me of these things, hoho.
  5. Pens and other BuJo supplies!
    I have never been this excited to be in a school/office supplies section in a mall. I mean, yeah, I've always loved wandering around and getting lost in the sight of notebooks and planners and whatnots, but after I started a Bullet Journal, my feeling whenever I'm inside these sections are multiplied ten times. I wanted to buy everything! Today, I have exactly 3 black pens, 2 sign pens, 2 pencils, 5 highlighters, and 26 colored pens in assorted brands. They might be too much, but I can't help myself from buying whenever I see something I like. I'm a complete hoarder. 😂
  6. The Voice Season 11 Studio Recordings on Youtube
    As I have already said, I love The Voice. What I forgot to say was that I am completely obsessed with the songs covered by the contestants! This onethis one, this one and this one are my faves!!!
  7. Free Food!
    Don't you just love it when officemates and co-workers give you food all throughout the day? Because I do, so much! Thank you, guys! My tummy is very happy 😄

Despite the stress, the drama, and the bad things that happened this week, I won't lose sight of all the good things that have happened. I've always told myself to not give in to negativity and I was close this week. It was tough but I am blessed with people who love me and constantly make me feel better after a difficult day. Many thanks to those who made me happy despite the bad stuff, you know who you are. ❤️

I hope you had a better week than I had and I wish you a greater one in the next. Happy Saturday! 😊

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