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2023 Reading Challenge

2023 Reading Challenge
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Let's Talk About Social Media

Fact: What you put out there is prone to be judged by people who either know you in person or not.

Nights ago, Jethro and I had an argument over a Facebook activity I saw on my feed. I was ranting my heart out that people need to tone down on posting stuff excessively because what they're uploading, sometimes, are irrelevant and are just plain annoying. He told me that I was being so judgmental and that I should just let other people do their own businesses. My counter-attack was what I was doing was nothing out of the ordinary. Literally, everything people post publicly on Facebook, or on any other Social Media, in general, will always be susceptible to judgment, both good or bad. And I am not gonna be idle on the side and keep my thoughts to myself, coz I'm gonna be totally honest with you, I am the judge-y type and I do speak out my opinions once in a while. But my being judgemental doesn't mean that I only see the negative side, I don't fail to recognize and appreciate the good stuff, too.

Yes, people are free to post and upload whatever they want. But isn't it time to call out those who don't think before they click? Even if calling them out only means that I say what I think to someone I trust and love? I mean, don't I have the right to voice out my thoughts about these things, now? Yes, of course, I do.

Social Media has its ups and downs and we should be aware and always be mindful of them, else we suffer the consequences. I'm not saying it's wrong to upload and post things we like because I upload and post just about anything, too. What I am trying to say is think about it first before you do it. Is it worth sharing? Is it relevant to the current world situation? Can it be helpful to other people? Is it needed to be shared and not already too excessive? Is it something other people can learn from? Will it do you more good than bad?

We always have the freedom to post on any social media, just don't get disheartened if someone does not like it or plainly hates you for it because people will always have their own thoughts and feelings, and you don't get to choose how they will react on your message. You chose to share it with the world, you should also learn to accept what others will think of it (and you) when they see it.

3 things I've encountered on social media over the years

3 Truths about Social Media (according to Renee):

1. Not everything you see online is true.

The many beautifully curated Instagram feeds do not always mean that its owner is living "the life". Some of them have their own struggles, too, and are just choosing to upload the beautiful parts that are happening to them. Funny how so many of us fall for these. Guys, they're all human too (#notetoself).

And then there are people, from Facebook and/or Twitter, spreading some news that is somewhat lacking in information to back it up. Don't get me wrong, Social Media has been very helpful in designating current news and events to a lot of people but sometimes, there are hoaxes and rumors along with them so we should be very careful in relaying them to our friends and families. Thorough research will do us all good.

2. You cannot please everybody and you just have to accept that.

Not everything you will post online will get the love you think it deserves. People have different views and opinions on everything, so don't set your expectations too high to avoid getting hurt and discouraged. 😊

3. There will always be trolls and anons, as well as rude people, who will spread negativity across the cyberspace.

My advice: Just let them be. Stooping down to their level won't do you any good. Giving them a piece of your mind will just fuel their hate even more and you'll end up feeling stressed than before. Ignore them and just let them be. 

Social Media has its advantages as well as disadvantages. It's up to us to educate ourselves on all of its facets. We will sometimes need to have a cleanse once in a while, and I should probably start doing that myself so that I can connect back to the NOW. Because apparently, I am already an internet addict according to Jethro, and I'm beginning to realize he's right. 😐

What are your thoughts about social media these days? How will you recuperate if you will be on the receiving end of something negative? Let's talk below...

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