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2023 Reading Challenge
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Favorite Christmas Memories 💕

Christmas has always been dear to me. It's the season of love and giving, a season of hope and faith. I particularly love celebrating this holiday with my family. Every year we have always gathered together to thank the Lord for all the blessings He has showered upon us. Every Christmas was different, though, it wasn't always bountiful and glamorous, there was also a time of scarcity. I will always look back to where I have come from, because if those haven't happened, I wouldn't be the person I am today.

As I have reminisced these past few days to come up with another Blogmas entry, I came up with some of my favorite Christmas memories. These memories have been stuck inside me and I felt that today is the perfect time to share them with you.

Renee's favorite Christmas memories. What are yours?

Caroling around the Neighborhood

Of course, this memory will always have a place in my favorites list. Who has went through their childhood without having to go around the neighborhood singing Christmas Carols??? I think every Filipino kid has done this at least once in their life, and I am proud to tell you guys that I am one of those kids who collected tansans and made them into a tambourine. 😂 Oh, sweet childhood memories...

My Mom's Creative Antics

When I was a kid and we (fam and me) were still living in Davao City, my mom used to make unique Christmas trees every year. We do not have the usual tree-tree, my mom makes these really creative ones that you could not even dream of. One year we had a tree made of stacked up stars in varying sizes (from big to small) covered in cotton, the next it was in alternate silver and red foils, the next we had a tree made of gold swirled foils (oh gosh, I suck at describing stuff), then one year we had a tree made of yarn with the nativity inside it, and then I remember we also had a tree made of soap and toothpicks! I loved watching my mom get busy during the holidays, I love her meticulousness and her drive to bring perfection to her every creation. My dad used to help my mom make her visions come true and when I was old enough, I became her little elf.

It's a Christmas memory I would want to happen again. I say happen again because when we moved to my father's hometown, my mom wasn't able to make this tradition again. I miss her planning about making a Christmas tree, and I miss her making a fuss of something I did because "it's just not perfect". I hope one day, we'll get to make this Christmas tradition again.

Me as Mary

There was a year in my grade school when I was picked to play as Mother Mary in a play. We did the Nativity and my mom had me made a costume just for it! I still have my Mary costume, complete with the red robe and the gold-trimmed teal veil. I think I was in 4th grade by then and I remember I did a pretty good job at being Jesus' young mom. I don't remember much details as it was a very long time ago, but I remembered it to be a successful play. We had our voices recorded on a cassette tape and our teacher has us practice our acting until we perfected it. Now I feel nostalgic. ☺

The First Time I completed the Simbang Gabi (9 Mornings)

This memory is more recent. It happened in December 2014. I just graduated a month before and I moved back home after living in the city for 5 and a half years. The change of scenery was unbecoming and it made me realize how life in the city was more convenient than being in the province. December came and I promised to complete the 9 mornings mass. They say that when you do complete this, one wish of yours will be granted. I had my heart set out to wish for my passing of the board exam. I woke up every dawn to hear the mass, I battled my sleepy eyes just to really complete the 9 mornings. When the last day came, I was torn on what to pray and wish. My family was in a rough patch, yet again, that year. I chose to pray for the change of heart of my problematic brother because me passing the board exam seems to be more possible than the former. I passed the board exam the next year but my brother was still the same. It seems that Jesus chose to hear my prayer for my own self, or maybe I just didn't pray that hard for my brother. It was bittersweet, yet it felt so fulfilling to finally complete what seems to be impossible for someone like me who loves to sleep.

Dapit Alim's Annual Christmas Festival

Dapit Alim is a church shrine located near my hometown. I was once a member of the youth here and I used to serve and help whenever there is a celebration. On my first years in college, I was able to be really active on the youth's activities. I gained friends of my age and I really got to enjoy the advent season being so close to God. Every year, Dapit Alim hosts an annual Children's Festival on Christmas Day. The youth helps by registering all kids of age 1 to 12, serving them lunch and dessert, hosting different parlor games, giving out prizes and presents, and then presenting a song or a dance for the audience at the end of the program. I loved helping out and giving back to the community. It was so fulfilling to make kids smile. Seeing that you made a lot of kids happy, it was indescribable. Now that I'm working and I'm not home to be able to help out in these events, I will always be thankful that I have once been a part of it. The memories I had with my fellow youth will always be remembered. ❤

So uhm, these are it! I hope you enjoyed reading them as much as I enjoyed reminiscing and writing them. I am so excited to go home this Christmas. I cannot wait to see my family and be with them on this occasion.

How about you guys? Do you have any particular favorite memories? I'd love to hear them! I hope you'll talk to me in the comments section below. 😊


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