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2023 Reading Challenge
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Things I Like About Living Independently

Living independently has been one of my goals for the longest time. Even when I was still a kid, I can remember how I tried to be as independent as I can by not asking too much from my parents. I don't know how I came to have the mentality I had back then, maybe I was just programmed to learn how to be responsible for myself without asking for help, even from my parents.

My mom used to tell me stories about how I didn't want her to watch over me when I went to nursery school. While other kids cried when their parents drop them off at school, I was the complete opposite. I would tell my mom to go about her job and just come back to fetch me when school was over, imagine a 2-year-old saying that! 😂

In terms of money, I learned the beauty of saving when I was in grade school when my mom gave me and my brother piggy banks. In high school, I always try to save a portion of my school allowance so that by the end of the year, I can buy the things I wanted, I can even buy gifts for my best friends! By college, I experienced living alone or with roommate(s) in a boarding house. I used to only go home twice or thrice a month so I really learned a lot living by myself and budgeting my allowance to support me for the week. I hated asking for more from my parents so as much as possible, I lived as frugally as I can manage. I even worked in a fast-food chain so that I can have extra money! I felt freedom on those days... And now that I am fully independent, I can honestly say that I am made to live on my own.

Positive Thoughts About Living Independently

Here are some of the things I like about living on my own:

Freedom (of choice, of things to do, and of things not to do)

Having to live on my own opened my eyes to how I can just do everything I wanted in my own time. I have more time for myself and for the things I deem important to do. I can exercise to my heart's content without worrying that someone might see and judge me. I can watch my favorite shows all day long, or just lounge in bed and read. It's the ultimate freedom I've always wanted.

Living alone gives me the chance to know more about myself, too. I can think without all the distractions, I can reflect on the things I want and plan to do, and I can meditate when I really need to. I admit that it can be lonely at times but who am I to complain since being alone recharges me after a whole day of engaging with strangers and co-workers. Hehe

Doing chores just whenever I feel like it

Ever since I was a kid, I do not like doing chores. Heck, I detest doing chores, most especially when I am told to do them. BUT, now that I live on my own, I came to realize how maintaining a clean environment around me is crucial. I think my mom's OC-ness rubbed off on me because I can't really stand having a messy room. Today, I enjoy cleaning my house/room whenever I feel like it. I like organizing my clothes and other accessories so that they can be pretty to look at. I like maintaining a clutter-free floor, a well-made bed, and just basically a clean surrounding. It's always so refreshing to come home to a clean place, fewer worries, less stress. 😊

Going grocery shopping

This might just be my favorite thing to do in this life. I have always liked going grocery shopping with my mom when I was a kid, but now that I do it alone, the experience is all different. I get to choose the food I'm going to buy, and I get to pick some things my mom would have disapproved of, haha. I also like getting lost along the aisles of the grocery store, walking from one to the other, looking at the different products from soaps, to shampoos, to colognes, to canned goods, to biscuits, to fruits and veggies, the piled-up products are just such a delight to see!

Budgeting my own money

While some people won't like this item, I totally dig this one (even though sometimes it's kinda tiresome). I love the sense of control I get when budgeting my own money. Don't get me wrong, paying bills are not my favorite things to do, but I like seeing where my money goes every month. I like jotting all my expenditures down on my journal so that by the end of the month, I would know where I spent all the money I've earned.

Enjoying the Peace and Quiet

The introvert in me will always crave that peace and quiet (alone time kumbaga), and with living on my own, I am sure to get a lot of it after a long day. No nagging parents and no pesky siblings to deal with. 😂 It's my recharge time, and even if I'm living with my best friend today, I much prefer it over living at home because I can still have this peace and quiet because we respect each other's personality. Chos! But seriously, though...

That's it, I think, hehe. But while I love all of these things, it doesn't mean that I do not like going home once in a while. I do, because I will always miss my family. These are just the perks that I like when living independently. There are also things I don't like, but that's a whole other post to write.

Are you living independently already? Do you want to? Do you think you'll like living on your own then? Let's converse on the comments section below. 😉


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