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2023 Reading Challenge
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Pinch Sugar & Spice | My New Me Time Place

Renee Alexis Taladua

Did you know that I go on dates by myself? And it's not because I don't have anyone to go with, it's because I enjoy having my time alone where I can focus more on myself and get my life's direction together. I enjoy my Me Times and because of the #EatIligan Event, I got to know more about this quaint cafe and fell in love with it.

I have found a new Me Time place and it's just a few minutes walk away from my apartment!

Pinch Sugar & Spice front

I've been here before and I think that was last year when I was still working in T'boli. I had a date with a close college friend and while I thought it was a perfect place to catch up with old friends because of their no-wifi policy, I haven't really had the chance to go back again. There were just so many new places in Iligan to dine in so I was more on the exploring stage at that point.

Pinch Sugar & Spice front window view

When I joined in the #EatIlifan Event, this cafe was included on the second day of the tour. It felt like I was reunited again with an old friend and I felt at home more and more as I got to know the story behind the store and its owner.

Pinch Sugar & Spice has a very distinguishing style. Their furniture has been doodled and personalized and pretty much every decor in the cafe has been touched by the owner's wife. She's an artist and the cafe was her canvas. And the personality of the cafe is what makes it unique. I love it. It's simple and very comforting that it makes me want to move in here and make this cafe my personal space, haha.

Here, I'll show you their interior:

Pinch Sugar & Spice interior
Aren't those furniture cute? 😎
Pinch Sugar & Spice wall photos
Wall art photos. That Jose Rizal portrait is made up of words
Pinch Sugar & Spice counter
Sorry, NO WIFI sign mehehe
Pinch Sugar & Spice chiller
The quote in this refrigerator is what makes it cool

The place looks so inviting and the owner was very hospitable so I really enjoyed our visit.

As for the food, Pinch has a lot to offer. Over time, the variety of food in their menu has increased. Juices, frappes, coffees, cookies, cakes, pasta and so much more!

Pancit Palapa and Tablia Cake

These two yums right here are the newest addition to their menu. The Pancit Palapa and the Tablia Cake. Palapa is a spicy sauce so this pancit will make your tongue sing, haha. The cake is very chocolate-y but kind of dry, but still perfect to satisfy that sweet tooth craving of yours. 😉

Pinch Sugar & Spice Juices

These colorful juices are not only photogenic, they are refreshing and very fun to drink. And I think these are only PHP35 a glass so it's also affordable.

Pinch Sugar & Spice Pesto Pasta

And here's a comfort food for you. This is Pinch's Pesto Pasta and I love it. The pasta was cooked to perfection and the pesto is delicious. It was love at first bite!

Pinch Sugar & Spice Ca Phe Da and Peanut Butter Cookies

And then here's a coffee for those who love their caffeine fix. This one is called Ca Phe Da which is a Vietnamese coffee and it's perfect. Not too bitter, not too sweet. Just the right amount of cream in it and it perfectly goes with their signature cookies. This one's peanut butter cookies but I like the oat bran more.

The last time I was here was last month and it was on a Saturday. I remember writing down my thoughts in my journal about how I felt about Reply 1988. And I was also reading The Evolution of Mara Dyer, which reminds me that I have to finish that one soon. Having my alone time gives me the chance to reconnect with myself again, to organize my thoughts, to make plans, to listen to the voice inside my head. It makes me more productive and think about the priorities I have to prioritize.

But while I love going out with myself once in a while, I also love going out with the people I enjoy to be with. The next time I go to this cafe, I hope I can bring someone along with me who will appreciate this place as much as I have.

Final thoughts: I love the ambiance of this place, really perfect for close friend chitchats or just to be alone. The place is photogenic and every corner is instagrammable. Food is okay (not that great but still worth the money). I'd rate this one a 4.5/5. 😊

For those who want to pay this cafe a visit, Pinch is located at Pedro Permites Rd, San Miguel, Iligan City, 9200 Lanao del Norte and opens at 10 AM.


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