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2023 Reading Challenge

2023 Reading Challenge
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Things I'm Thankful for this year of 2017

Things I'm Thankful for this year of 2017
Ahhh, 2017. You have been a year of experience and realizations! You weren't the most difficult, you weren't the most memorable, you weren't even the brightest, but you weren't the worst either. You were somewhere in between and while your months have seemed to pass by so fast, there are moments I would love to remember forever.

This year was a long journey of so many ups and downs, and these experiences have made me so much stronger and wiser. Life is tough and struggles will always be present in our lives. And I have fully realized that these challenges are given to us not because the Lord wants us to have a hard time. But because He knows that we can handle them and we can learn valuable things from them that we can carry on through our life's journey.

This year, in particular, has been the toughest yet, but I'm happy to have risen above the anxiety, depression, and all the problems I have encountered. And I am so glad that this year is ending on a high note.

As someone who always wants to see the glass half-full, even though sometimes this becomes exhausting, I would love to recollect the things that I am grateful to have happened this year.

Leaving one life behind to pursue a new path

Last February, as you might have known, I left my corporate job to pursue an online career. 10 months in and I still haven't regretted that decision. I am so thankful that I made this move because right now, I am happier than ever.

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Kickstarting ElyseenPH with the best friend

On Valentines this year, KC and I started an online Kbeauty shop. We started out selling an assortment of sheet masks. Today, this online shop has grown so much, I can't even believe that we already have so many products on hand. Truly, when you launch something with good intentions and integrity, your hard work will pay off in the end. I am very thankful for all of our customers, who gave their trust to us. Without these customers, ElyseenPH wouldn't have grown like this. I have big plans for this shop and I hope that it will come true in the future. 😊

Having to travel even though the budget is tight

Unlike last year, when my job was stable and paying me an efficient amount each month, this year having to work freelance, sometimes the pay can be unstable. But despite my struggles with money, I was still able to travel to different places with my friends this year.
Renee's 2017 Travel Highlights
I got to see and experience Siargao Island and Boracay Island, and I also got to travel to Dipolog City to see a friend who was migrating to the US.

Siargao was the best place I've been to this year and I'm just grateful that I was able to see and enjoy the island life.

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I was also able to go and see Boracay Island with my close college friends. It has become a yearly tradition for us to travel to a certain destination. Last year we went to Samal Island, I wonder where we will go next year. 😊

Being a part of a blogger organization in our city

Last July, I participated in an event called #EatIligan organized by the Iligan Bloggers Society to promote and highlight Iligan City's homegrown food places and restaurant on various social media platforms. I met awesome people in the said event who also share the same passion for blogging. Later on, they invited me to join in their org and I was accepted as a member. I never felt happier as I have always wanted to be with like-minded people. Because of it, I met new friends and got invited to more events.
Eat Iligan at Pinch

New work experiences to strengthen my portfolio

I had little experience when it comes to working online jobs. My first work was proofreading and editing English books. That was last April-July 2015 and I really liked that job and it paid handsomely. I just had to let that go because I needed to concentrate on my board exam review back then. November last year, when I was still working in a mining company, I was bored at the office and tried to apply for part-time online jobs. I was luckily hired by a published author who was looking for an encoder. I did data entry jobs for her and she paid me weekly depending on how many hours I have worked. That was one of the factors that lead me to the decision of pursuing an online career.

This year, I've had multiple jobs including being a Virtual Assistant who does a lot of things like photo editing, blog writing, researching, making graphics, making short video clips; I also had some article writing gigs from time to time; and just lately, I was hired as a writer. I may still be a newbie as an online job worker, only having a year and a half of experience but as time passes by, I have accumulated quite a number of things I can add up to strengthen my portfolio.

I am thankful that God has lead me to this path. Maybe this is what I was really supposed to do. Writing maybe is the thing I am supposed to do. I enjoy it, I don't mind spouting out words all day long even though sometimes it makes my brain dry.

Online work may have its disadvantages like most people assume, but it also has its advantages. And I would like to see the bright side of things more to avoid spiraling down to overthinking and anxiety. 😅

I finally bought a new laptop!

Last September, I finally got to buy a new laptop! Remember my Christmas Wishlist last year? It had a laptop in it and I finally got it this year!

My HP laptop for 5 years can finally retire. 😂 I've had problems with it since last year. My old HP laptop does not have a battery anymore because it already deteriorated so I have to always connect it so I can use it. Last year, it started to shut down without any notice due to overheating and I just have to continuously fan it to avoid it shutting down. Early this year, a part of its screen had turned black and a static line was formed at its center. That was when I decided to really buy a new laptop before this year ends. I have a friend who is working in Dubai and was about to go home on September so I made it my goal to buy a laptop there before she goes home so she can bring it with her. And this goal really came true! I am just so happy and thankful for it. 😊
Renee's New Lenovo Laptop

The opening of Librew Student Hub, my go-to coffice

I have always wanted to do my work in a cafe. The only thing that's stopping me is the cost. Food and drinks in cafes are pricey and sometimes, the internet isn't that great. Thankfully, this student hub opened and my dreams came true (chos). I get to work outside our home and enjoy fast internet without making my wallet cry. 😁
Working at Librew

Creating good memories with friends

One benefit I get to enjoy in my current work schedule is how I can easily make time to meet up and get together with my friends whenever they are in the city. I will always be thankful for friends who are there to make time when they are home. And this year, I got to create more memories with my close friends - whether it be a noisy Mobile Legends gaming session, or the usual dining out and up-to-sawa chikahan, I'm all for quality bonding time with them. 😊

Discovering the skin care products that worked for me well

If you have read about my updated skincare routine, you would know that I had the nastiest battle with acne earlier this year and it has affected my confidence, self-esteem, and mental health. Thankfully, after months of experimenting and testing out products, I finally found my holy grails. Liah Yoo is my greatest influencer when it comes to skin health and care. If I haven't been following and watching her videos on Youtube, I would've been, so this is a shoutout to Liah, the most genuine beauty Youtuber!

More quality moments with my family

Being just 2 hours away from home, I always make it a point to visit on weekends that I'm not busy and don't have work. This strengthened my bond with my younger siblings and I also get to talk more to my parents about stuff. I love getting to go home when I want, unlike when I was still working in T'boli wherein I don't have a choice but to wait for 6 weeks before going home. And not only that, I would need to travel by bus for 16 hours long to reach home, talk about tiring!

Wooh, that's a lot to be thankful for. To those readers who reached this point, thank you for giving my blog the time of your day and I hope I didn't bore you with all my talk. 😊 We will be embracing 2017 goodbye soon, what are the things that you are grateful for? Have you reflected on how your year went by yet? How was your 2017? Let's talk in the comments section below. 😊



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