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Renee Alexis
20-something Filipina, an introvert who loves young adult fiction, brush pens, Taylor Swift, and BTS. Coffee runs in my bloodstream.


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2023 Reading Challenge

2023 Reading Challenge
Renee Alexis has read 0 books toward her goal of 30 books.

My June 2020 Journal Spread

Renee Alexis - June 2020 Journal Spread
I rarely dedicate a post solely for my bullet journal but I'm going to make one today coz I love how my June spreads look. 😊 Like almost all of my spreads, this one is inspired from AmandaRachLee. I like the color scheme and the vintage-y doodles that come with this theme.

June 2020 Monthly Spread | Renee Alexis

I've been taking a Greek and Roman Mythology course in Coursera as I've already stated in my previous posts, hence the notes on the left side before the June cover page hehe.

So I started with a cover page and then I drew a calendar for a monthly overview. The two colors used are blue and baby pink with black accents. In the monthly overview page, I included my goals for the month like I always do.

My journal is my stress reliever and I really enjoyed drawing all the shapes and coloring them in.

June 2020 Habit Tracker Page

For this month, I incorporated a habit tracker for the first time and I've been diligently filling them every day. I like how I can keep track of what I do daily. Whether it's reading or drinking water or practicing my French, I can easily look at what I've done for the day in this spread. It also helps me keep track if I did devotionals or studied my Coursera course/s. I didn't fully appreciate how helpful this spread is until now. I'm glad I tried it. 😊

June 2020 Habit Tracker and TBR List Page
Also, for the very first time, I made a TBR spread for this month. I mentioned in my previous post that I'm joining the Percy Jackson Readathon so I listed down the titles of the book series and I also included other titles I would like to read this month. As of today, I already finished The Sea of Monsters and The Modern Breakup. I also added one more book in my TBR - From Blood And Ash, because a good friend highly recommended me to read it and I love book recos from friends so it's a no-brainer to insert it. 😁
#2020creativejournalingchallenge | Renee Alexis
I recently discovered Abby Sy's #2020creativejournalingchallenge and I am taking part to make the June Prompts. On the left is my June 2020 Astrology page and then on the right is my New Normal page. I would love to be even more creative on my journal pages but I don't have the resources so for now, simplicity will do.

I'm not very into astrology before, so when I started making this page, I did a lot of reading so that I can put something on my page. Astrology intrigued me after reading so much about it but there's just too many information, my brain couldn't digest everything. I have this urge inside me that wants to know more about it, so maybe soon, when I can find the time, I would research and read more about this subject matter.

And that's my June 2020 Spreads. More will be added in the coming days so if you want to see more of my pages, you can follow my books and journal Instagram - @therandombibliophile. 😊

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, till next time! xx



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