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Renee Reacts: 2gether The Series 💙

Renee Reviews: 2gether The Series

I easily get excited about things that speak to my heart. In the past years that I've been exposed to the beauty of the internet, there have been a huge number of things I've fangirled about. I've been a fan of Taylor Swift, more or less a dozen kpop groups, and countless of Korean drama, Chinese drama, Taiwanese drama, and now a certain Thai drama called 2gether The Series.

I got to know about this series from an online friend who was gushing about it for a few days or weeks now. And I was always seeing "Sarawat" in her IG stories and tweets. Yesterday, I was feeling down and I didn't know what to do. I had a book to read but I didn't feel like reading, I had new stuff for my journaling hobby but I didn't feel like opening my journal, I even didn't have the enthusiasm to play my favorite mobile games. I was just wasting the day away, I didn't even felt like working. I decided to play the series in Kissasian - my favorite goto site when I want to watch an Asian Drama. All the noise inside my head instantly went away, first episode in and I was already laughing my head off. All my worries were erased, my overthinking stopped because of this wonderful show, so thank you so much, Anne, for sharing your love about this series! I'm joining the club of the BrightWin supporters!!!

I've never seen a BL (Boy Love) drama ever, this is my first, and I was surprised that I got the KILIG feels. The chemistry between the leads is undeniable, mapapa-sana all ka nalang, hahaha!

Trivia: I watched episode 1 to 11 non-stop, I paused in the middle of episode 11 because it was already 7 in the morning and I figured that I needed to sleep for a few hours. I finished the rest of the episodes right when I woke up at around 1 in the afternoon. Total episodes are 13, by the way.

Aaaaahhhhh, I have soooo many feels about this series that's why I decided to write a blog so that I can release everything here. I am so full of feels, I'm even listening to Scrubb songs right this minute! Here's the playlist. 💖 I don't know until when this hangover will last but I've already downloaded all the episodes so I can watch them all over again. Whenever I think about them (Sarawat and Tine), whenever I see a photo of them, I can't help but smile, because this series is so precious and that's just how much it made my heart happy. I loved almost everything about it. I loved the characters, I loved the simple story, and most especially the cast who were perfect for their roles. Even listening to the music (even though I cannot understand a single word) is giving me good vibes. It's squeezing my heart in a good way that I can't help but wish and hope that someday, I'll have a Sarawat of my own.

Just a little warning, reading beyond this line will give major spoilers because I have to release all my feels, friends. So if you haven't watched this series yet, I recommend you not to read much further otherwise, you'll read a lot of spoilers. ✌

Sarawat and Tine - 2gether The Series
Tine and Sarawat at the Scrubb Concert

Things I love about this drama:

  1. Sarawat. I love everything about him. His demeanor, his introvert character who doesn't need so many words to convey how he feels because he always say exactly the right words that make your heart melt and it makes me wish I was Tine. I love how caring he is towards Tine. And I love how sure he is about his feelings. He's not ashamed about how he feels and he's very straightforward. Whenever he's on the scene, I am just smiling from ear to ear. Whenever he does something sweet, I swoon all over. My gosh, the feels I felt for this guy is surreal, can I have him, please?? It gets even better because he is multitalented. He plays the guitar, sings so well, and plays football. The classic campus crush persona! SARAWAT MY LOVE 💙
  2. Sarawat's innocent love. He has been in love with Tine for a long time and while he was just keeping it in, his eyes spoke a thousand words whenever he looks at Tine. I like how Sarawat knows what he feels and what he exactly wants and he always makes sure to let Tine know. I love his simple romantic gestures and how he treats Tine so well. I can't help but gush whenever he touches Tine's hair, I wish I was Tine! 
  3. Tine's growing love. Tine's character is bubbly and determined. He used to date a lot but when he found himself single in college, Green started hitting on him. To get rid of Green, he asked for Sarawat's help to pretend to be his boyfriend. During their fake flirting stages, I felt how genuine Sarawat's actions were and I also saw how Tine gets moved over Sarawat's gestures. He doesn't realize it first and he's confused about his sexuality. He never thought he'd date a guy because he was sure he likes girls. But when he opened his heart, he realized that love has no gender. He cannot deny his feelings towards Sarawat and well, the story kept getting better.
  4. Sarawat and Tine's supportive friends. (This is an edit and I just realized that one of the things that made this show much more enjoyable is the circle of friends of both boys.) Tine's straight friends who both encouraged him to fake date Sarawat and tried to protect him from Sarawat's true advances are such a mood! I loved how caring they were for Tine's love life and were supportive with his choice in the end. I love Sarawat's bubbly best friends because they were the ones who pushed him to pursue Tine from the very beginning. I love how supportive they were and how they always find ways and make plans to get Sarawat closer to Tine. Aaaaahhhh, I love this series!
  5. It is wholesome. Despite the fact that a same-sex love topic is very taboo, especially with how I was brought up, I find this series to be wholesome and heartwarming. I love how mature Sarawat was able to handle his feelings. I love their chemistry. I love how the minor details make up the sweetness of the story. I love how everything had a backstory that would tie everything up. It's my first BL drama and it was an overall feel-good series that I can't help but want to watch over again. I can't even believe myself when I say this but I ship Sarawat and Tine so much that when they experienced a hump in their relationship, it broke my heart. I might have cried a few tears when they broke up but UGH the feels are just TOO MUCH TO HANDLE. I really never thought I would gush so much about boy love but this series is really something!
  6. No judgment in the series. I know Thailand is very much progressive and liberated in regard to this matter than the Philippines and I hope that we will catch up with their mentality. In the series, boy love was normal. So normal in the sense that nobody batted an eye when same-sex couples were present. Friends don't tease their friends about their sexuality, they were not bullied because of their preference, it was just really NORMAL. And I hope this will happen in real life all over the world. Because regardless of our sexuality, we are all humans who deserve to be treated equally. 
  7. The music 💙 Last but definitely not the least is the music in this series. The score always makes or breaks a show, and in this case, the music made it. Because of this series, I discovered this awesome band called Scrubb. Their music is so good, the melodies are so my type! It's just too bad that I couldn't understand a single word, but that didn't stop me from listening to their songs. I've even saved them up in my Spotify playlist. My favorites are Everything and Deep! Also, Sarawat sang some of the show's OST, and oh my gosh, my heart went OOP, again, hahaha! 

I am so happy to have watched this series. It just made me really happy, it made my heart happy. And thank God I have someone to gush it with! Now, I'm watching their behind-the-scenes and interview videos. I've become an instant fan of these two boys who are so cute, I'm gonna die!

If you are looking for a feel-good series to watch, something light and humorous, I highly recommend this one. 2gether is a show that will melt your heart, I know it melted mine. Also, there's going to be a Season 2 with 5 Episodes, they said it will be set 10 years after this one. I am excited about it! But for now, I'm off to watch more videos of BrightWin, listen to more Scrubb songs, and just ultimately fangirl about everything Sarawat. I'm even thinking about watching the series all over again! I am THAT crazy about it. If you ever do watch it, please tell me your experience, I'd love to hear if you liked it as much as I do! 

Till my next fangirling rants. xx



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