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2023 Reading Challenge
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State of the Union: What's Happening in Dubai

It's exactly 2 months and 17 days since I've been stuck at home because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Who would have thought that a virus would overrun the world at this age and force all of us to be distant from each other to avoid catching it? It's like we're approaching a messy, dystopian world with the possibility of zombies. It's scary and we all haven't seen this coming.

When news of the virus started coming out in late 2019, we all ignored it thinking that it won't get any further than mainland China. But when the virus started spreading throughout the Americas, Europe, and Southeast Asia, the panic started. What seemed like fiction turned into a devastating truth and thousands of lives had been lost due to this outbreak. 

If you are a citizen of Earth, you would know how massive the devastation that the coronavirus has and continues to cause the world. The economy has declined, employment has gone down, the politics have become uglier, the poor have become poorer... This pandemic has changed the world almost in an instant and I'm scared that we may never get to go back to the "normal" that we had pre-corona.

The aftermath of the virus outbreak's first wave has been traumatic. Here in Dubai, businesses have been forced to close leaving hundreds of thousands of expats unemployed, public transportation has been put on a stop, curfews have been placed, and new rules have been enforced when going out into the public.

Hundreds of people tested positive every day that, as of June 4, 2020, we have 37, 018 positive cases in total with 19,572 total recoveries and 273 total deaths (source).

Right now, the government offices have been allowed to operate again with 50% of its workforce. 100% of the staff will be working by June 14. Precautionary measures such as social distancing and thermal cameras will remain in place. The wearing of facemasks outdoors is still mandatory with a fine of 3000 AED when violated. (source)

The Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management in Dubai announced that shopping malls and the private sector can operate at 100 percent capacity starting Wednesday, June 3, 2020. Of course, the working hours for companies and operating hours of malls should fall within the timings permitted for public movement, which are currently between 6am and 11pm. (source)

The UAE has announced the opening of the airports again, but airport operations will only be limited to specific flights such as transit, repatriation of expats, and return of residents and citizens. "The decision to suspend passenger flights to and from the country is still in effect, and only limited flights will be temporarily permitted for the purpose of evacuating residents and visitors who wish to leave the UAE and return to their country." - Dr. Saif Aldhaheri, spokesman for National Authority for Emergency, Crisis, and Disaster Management. (source)

I'm actually impressed at how the UAE has handled the pandemic. Of course, it being a rich and developed country, I'm not really surprised. The news dissemination has been quite transparent and reliable. Every day there is an update regarding the COVID-19 status. 

As for my office, there is still no guarantee when we can be operational again. If my flight hasn't been canceled, I would have arrived in Manila yesterday, but alas, God has another plan for me. I may not know it yet, but I'll just have to buckle up and wait for what comes next. 

At the end of the day, I am praying for the world's healing, not only from the Coronavirus outbreak but also from other rampant issues like racism, terrorism, and suppression of human rights. The Lord is coming, might as well say our prayers. xx


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