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2023 Reading Challenge

2023 Reading Challenge
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July 2020 Favorites

July 2020 Favorites | Renee Alexis

July has been such a good month compared to the previous ones since the pandemic started. And so, because it was a great one, I decided to write a favorites blog post for a change. I haven't written one of these since March of last year and I really wanted to continue the blog series I've started here on my blog.

While I was so productive in reading last June, I am the opposite this month. I was only ever able to finish one book and still 62% through with my current read. But although I am on a reading slump, I had been very productive with other stuff. Here's a list of things that made my July fun:

Found My Fangirl-ing Buddy

I've been following Anne for years now and I'm a big fan of her blog. I just lately found out that she's a fellow Bisaya and we share quite a number of things we like. Exhibit A: 2gether The Series. I found out about this BL series from her fangirl-ing tweets and IG stories and I fell down the rabbit hole as I, too, fell head over heels in love with Sarawat! Exhibit B: Taylor Swift. I don't need to say more about this. Exhibit C: Scarlet Heart Ryeo and other Kdramas. We've talked so much over the past month on Instagram DM's and Twitter replies. We send each other 2gether updates and BrightWin photos that we gush over. I love having a fangirl-ing buddy. I don't have friends who can relate to my crazy antics most of the time, so having found a buddy I could endlessly talk about my obsession with is soooooo refreshing and heartwarming. Shoutout to you, Anne, if you're reading this, know that I truly appreciate you! 💗

Makeup, Mini-Photoshoots, and Self-Portraits

There were a couple moments this month when I just thought, "I should put on makeup," even though I have nowhere to go. My makeups are just sitting here anyway and collecting dust, I might as well use them and practice my skills before they expire. And so I did just that. I also trimmed my bangs and so a mini-photo shoot happened when I was staying at my friend's place. Fun fact: I like posing for photos. ✌ (I think you can already tell, haha!)

Renee Alexis Photoshoot
You can really tell I was feeling my bangs!
Renee Alexis Photoshoot
Yep, I really like to touch my head when posing. 😂😂😂
Renee Alexis Eye makeup
Eye makeups I did that I'm really proud of!
I've loved makeup since I was young, especially eyeliner and lipstick. I just recently learned how to apply eye makeup and though I'm still not a pro at it, I'm really happy at how these looks turned out. I've looked up to NikkieTutorials, JeffreeStar, and KathleenLights for years, and I have learned some things from watching a lot of their videos. I would love to learn more about makeup, maybe later on...

2gether The Series

Earlier this month, all I could talk and think about is my obsession over a certain BL series called 2gether, starring Bright and Win. After watching the series overnight (yes, I didn't sleep) and watching it again over the next weekend, I still couldn't get enough of it. I even wrote a whole ass blog entry detailing all the things I love about it. Imagine my happiness when the series was going to have a special 5-episode season that's going to be released on August 14! If feelings can kill, I've long died of kilig!

folklore 🤍

Yes, I'm going to mention it again. Taylor Swift released a surprise album and I am in love with it! You can read all about it in my blog post here. On the day of release, I woke up so early just to catch the premiere. I also recorded myself as I heard all the songs for the first time! I still haven't gotten to editing the footage because I'm lazy and I don't really think my video's that good to be uploaded and shared. Have you heard all the songs in folklore? What's your favorite? My favorites are exile, betty, invisible string, the 1, and august! 

Aside from my reaction post, I also wrote a love letter to Taylor because I just really love her. This album has really made my month even better. And have I mentioned that I also did a folklore "makeup" look to celebrate it? Haha! Yes, I did.

Renee Alexis | folklore
Yep, I did my hair in buns, too.

New Domain and Blog Look

If you haven't noticed it yet, then surprise! I bought a new domain! After having for 4 years, I finally had the courage to let go of it. I've already thought about it last year as I was renewing it but I chickened out because I wasn't prepared for the change. Not this time though. And I'm really happy with this move. My domain is now simplified and, as my Ninong said, it's more catchy! There are a few cons in changing my domain though, but a big change as this would really come with a cost. But I've done everything to update all my links and I think I'll be having this domain for a while so I'd say it's a good move. I also bought a new template to update my blog's look. Do you like it? 'Cause I love it! I love the layout and the leaves moving in the header (I bet you didn't notice that it moves). I slept around 5 AM after tweaking everything, and I am really satisfied with how my blog looks now. It's fresh and it motivates me to keep posting new stuff. 😁 Here's to another year of blogging!


A few days ago, I made a spontaneous decision to make an Instagram account to share my writings. I named it @r.a.writes and I started posting old stuff I've written years ago. The photos I've used are mine and the words I will be sharing will be from a random timeline - from the things I've written years back to sudden imaginations I've penned recently. From scribbles in my notebooks to random thoughts I jotted down in my notes and Evernote app.  This account will basically contain a collection of my scattered thoughts, prose, and musings, so if it's your cup of tea, please do check it out and maybe give it a follow? 😊

Renee Alexis | @r.a.writes
Follow me on Instagram: @r.a.writes 😊

Coffee Shop Blues

Last on this list is a random coffee shop stay I had last week. It's nothing special but I really like hanging out in coffee shops and this time, I brought my laptop with me to do some work. I suddenly miss my freelance-days 2-3 years back when I would just go to coffee shops almost every day to work. 

Renee Alexis | The J Cafe
Working and doing a little bit of reading on the side.
That's it for this blog post. I don't think I've forgotten anything, if I have, I'll just update this entry. How was your July? Was it also good? I hope you find the happy little things in your life despite the bad things happening in the world. Wear your masks and stay safe! Happy August 1st! Oh, and stream folklore! xx



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