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2023 Reading Challenge

2023 Reading Challenge
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Renee's Sunday Currently Vol. 08

Renee's Sunday Currently Vol. 08

Hi guys! Happy Sunday! Wow, two posts in a row! I am on fire! Hahaha! Just Kidding! I'm a little reluctant to post blogs two days in a row but what the heck, I only get to do my personal stuff on weekends anyway so why should I hold myself back. And I've been meaning to make another Sunday Currently post since last week so I should just get this over with.


READING The Hangman's Daughter, like I stated in my previous post. I am now on page 143 and the mystery is keeping me on my toes. I want to finish this book ASAP so I can get on with other books. We'll see if I can manage...

WRITING my expenses down on my bullet journal and also this blog entry. I used to have an app for all my expenses but now that I don't go out anymore and just stay at home, I have fewer expenses. So jotting them down in my journal would suffice. 

LISTENING to Lany's latest album, mama's boy. I am down for anything Lany. I'm a fan of their music and it was my saving grace when I was at the lowest point of my life last 2018. There's just something about their sound that gets me every time. I just like sad songs, really, haha.

THINKING about working out after I finish this entry. I've started getting physical last week because I want my body to be healthier. My dad keeps telling me that the line of work I have right now keeps me stagnant and that I need to move around more or else I'll get bigger. So yes, I need to work out.

WEARING nothing fancy, just my pambahay shorts and shirt, both in grey. I have my glasses on, of course, and my hair is tied up. Very chic. 😂

EATING nothing as of the moment. I had my lunch an hour ago and I am still full. But I might make myself a cup of coffee after I work out and take a bath.

WISHING that my mom can go home already. She's been quarantined since last week because one of her colleagues tested COVID positive and she and her other colleagues came in contact with her. She works in a school, so all of them were quarantined there. Yesterday, her test result came out and it was negative, all of her colleagues were negative, too. We can't thank the Lord enough for it. Now, they just have to finish the quarantine so it's going to be a week more before she can go home. We miss her. Not having her at home feels very different because I am used to her always being around. 

HOPING that this COVID pandemic will be contained and that the virus will stop spreading. I am fed up being restricted. I want to go visit my friends in the city. I want everything to be back to normal again. I want my surroundings to be safe again. *sigh*

LOVING Blackpink's new album and their documentary as well. Have you seen it? I mean, wow, my respect for these girls just skyrocketed. I loved getting to watch their personal side. The documentary is an hour and 19 minutes long but I still wanted more after finishing it. I hope I can go to one of their concerts even just once. 

WANTING an office chair. I'm currently using one of our dining chairs but it's not that comfortable. I'd like to go to the store to see if there's a chair I'd like but my dad is still busy. Also, I'm kind of afraid to go out of the house because of the whole pandemic situation. I don't want to risk it. I tried looking for a chair in Shopee and Lazada but they seem to be overpriced? And I'm not sure if they're of good quality, so I want to see one in person first before deciding to make a purchase.

NEEDING sleep. Something's been keeping me up late till dawn for weeks now, and I always wake up feeling tired. I need to take care of my sleeping habit pronto.

FEELING irritated. Let's just say this involves work, and it's not my writing job, it's the other one. 

CLICKING through websites for this work I'm irritated at.

P.S. This is originally an idea of Siddathornton and you can join the link-up by visiting her blog.



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