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2023 Reading Challenge

2023 Reading Challenge
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Life Lately: June and July Updates

Wooh, June was fun! First off, aside from it being Pride Month, it was also BTS Month and as a Baby ARMY, this is my first Festa (a celebration of the group's Debut Anniversary and they just turned 8 years this year!).

I know it's already the middle of July and I intended this to be a June Wrap Up, but life happened (like it always does) and I didn't have the energy to write and publish this entry until today. June had been a very good month. July ... not so much. So basically, this post is just going to be about me recounting what happened in June.~

June was a super fun month. Being in the ARMY Fandom, the first two weeks was a blur of giddy fangirling. There was something new to look forward to every single day and the daily BTS content releases gave me so much excitement and joy. 

The Festa was on June 13 and BTS was having an online concert, the BTS Muster 2021, dedicated for their fans - the ARMYs. This was an official event and the concert was going to be streamed online as they perform live in South Korea. The BTS Muster is the group's annual concert that is also a fan meeting at the same time. Last year, due to the COVID Pandemic, they were not able to do it. So this year, they decided to have it online. As someone new in the fandom, this was my first Muster and my first BTS concert. Of course, I had to go all out...

The concert was held for two days, the 13th and 14th. I immediately had decided that I would get the tickets for two days. I don't want to broadcast this or brag about it but please allow me this one time. Probably the craziest thing I did because of Bangtan was buying a 55" smart TV so that I could watch the 2021 Muster on a big screen. It was the biggest purchase I did to date and all because of my love for these 7 angels. What has happened to me???

Anyway, the TV was worth it. The concert was so much fun and so worth the price because you get to watch the replay the following week, which I did, of course.

And as if it couldn't get any better, the old BTS albums I ordered months ago arrived and I pulled out a Namjoon photocard! 

As for my art journey, I did a couple sketches and shown in the photo is my attempt to draw Namjoon's dragon eyes. I'd like to think I got it right, although I really don't know how to do the shading. I'm too impatient to learn and I guess this is gonna be the best I could do. 

Another package that arrived was my Lover Deluxe Albums. I bought this in 2019. I have a friend who was in the US that time and I asked for a favor for her to get the albums for me so that I won't have to pay for the hefty shipping fee amount. She could just bring it with her when she goes home to the Philippines. (I was still in Dubai that time). Long story short, we didn't get to meet in 2020 until today and we both forgot about it, until she remembered it and had it shipped to my address. So yes, after 2 years, I finally got a hold of my babies! This is my first Taylor Swift album and I am so happy to finally see them in the flesh!

I just got a CD player and I've been playing it nonstop! 💖

On another story, I've always been curious with scented candles, but for so long, I've withheld myself from purchasing them because I find them so expensive. I bought my first scented candles when I saw an ad on Instagram. It was BTS related and the care package came in with three candles and other BTS goodies (see 2nd photo). I was sold instantly. 

When I lit the candles for the first time, I understood why people had an obsession with them. Aside from smelling so nice, they make you feel nice. The candles make my room smell so good and relax my mind. I loved the ambiance it creates and so I started looking out for more shops that sells cheap scented candles. 

I happened upon this Instagram shop called Kandila Essentials and they sell a variety of scents. What's even greater is they have candles in tester sizes so that you can sample their scents first before committing to a big one. I wasn't willing to shell out a large amount of money for one big candle not even knowing if I would like the scent, so I chose the tester size (about 40g of product) and bought 5 scents. 

The package came and it was divine. I had fun unboxing it and the candles in tin cans were so pretty. Everything smelled good but my favorite after lighting them would have to be Paglaom which is Fir and Pine scented. 

As for bookish talk, I bought and read the Trese comic books in June. When the animated series for the same book was announced, it gained a lot of hype. When it was released on Netflix, I decided I wanted to read the books first before watching the series. So I got them at Shopee and read them.

I loved the books. The third volume was my favorite and OMG, I was just in awe after I finished it. I haven't seen that coming and UGH, it was just so good.

I watched the series this month and it was equally great. I liked how the series didn't follow the sequence of the book because it made it all the more exciting. I hope this gets renewed for a season 2!

Lastly, I made my podcast, The Single Millennial, public in June when I shared it to my friends and followers on Instagram. It was nerve-wracking because I really did not intend to share this content. But then the amount of love and support I got from friends was overwhelming, my heart was overjoyed. 

The encouraging words they said to me and my podcast warmed my heart so much, I am filled with gratefulness. I was not expecting for people to actually listen to it and then like it. This podcast is honestly a very raw presentation of the random thoughts running in my head and for people to relate to what I had to say made me feel that my feelings are valid and I am not alone for having them.

It's honestly so refreshing to hear my friends say that they had fun listening to my podcast because it gives me the strength to make more and improve my recordings. 

Although these days, I've been kind of in a slump, I just look at their messages to me and I am energized and filled with renewed spirit again. I hope I can create more content for this little passion project and continue publishing episodes.

And that's how my June went. As for July, well, let's just say that the past 2 weeks were a nightmare I wanted to wake up from and forget. I wasn't in a good place and I'm still trying to get back to my happy place. I'll be okay. I know I will. Your girl is a fighter.

So yep, until then. Stay healthy, wealthy, and happy! xx



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