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2023 Reading Challenge

2023 Reading Challenge
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What Am I Good At?

What Am I Good At? | Renee Alexis

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It’s not often that I get asked this question. And while it's a fairly easy one, I found it hard to answer it the more I think about it.

Hey folks, Alexis here speaking and this is The Single Millennial podcast. It’s the middle of May and here’s another thought-provoking episode that I’d just like to throw at the universe because it has been bothering me since last week.


So, I was going through the process of orientations and training and all that onboarding stuff in the past 2 weeks because (share ko lang) I got a new job and it's something permanent and more stable and I am so happy and grateful and blessed to be hired in this company. In the long onboarding process, I came across a question that I got stuck with for about 10 minutes (?)

It was one of the many google forms I had to fill in and all the other questions were easy to answer. Recalling it now, I think it was some kind of a skill assessment questionnaire. There were some questions about my work experience and personal growth stuff, and then at the very last part, I was asked to complete the sentence: I am good at ...

At first thought, you’d think it’s super easy to accomplish because you just have to say what you are good at. Well, for me it wasn’t. I sat there, staring at my screen trying to come up with words on how I should continue with that sentence. What was I good at? What? At that time, I just couldn’t think of anything.

I thought about the skillset I have for convincing them to hire me, but I couldn’t say that I’m particularly good at those because as I have always ingrained in my mind - I am a work in progress and I am still learning every day. So I couldn’t cement things by saying that I’m good at this technical stuff when I am still learning things throughout the way.

So, I thought about the many hobbies I have and mind you, I have a lot. Over the years, I’ve been hopping from one hobby to another. And still, I couldn’t come up with a solid continuation for that sentence because a hobby is still just a hobby. I couldn’t really say I’m good at reading books. Or I’m good at playing the guitar - which I’m not.

For a long time, or maybe it was just 10 minutes, I sat there contemplating what to write because I had to submit that form asap to move on to the next steps.

Don’t you just have these moments when you just become introspective and reflect upon your own capabilities? And maybe there was a little feeling of discouragement on my part because I couldn’t think of anything I’m good at. If I dive into it more right now, I would just feel depressed because I would then wallow in self-pity because that’s just how my brain works. That’s why I decided to share that piece of thought here because maybe I am not alone in feeling this way. That maybe by voicing out these thoughts, I would reach the right ears who need a companion who also feels the same way I do.

It was a few minutes of pondering that just had an impact on me and it will be something I’ll be thinking about time and again. I do hope though that I’d reach the point when I can confidently say that I am good at a particular thing and not doubt myself anymore. Because that’s what pulls me back eh, that feeling of doubt. That uncertainty. It manifests in me because then I would sabotage myself by thinking that I’m not good at what I do. And that’s another thought to think about.

What about you? What are your thoughts? Do you also doubt yourself at times? Do you also have these moments of uncertainty? If it was you who was asked the question, how would you complete the sentence? What are you good at?


That’s all folks! Thank you for listening to this week’s episode. That took a turn that I wasn’t ready to address but whatever. And if you are curious about how I completed that sentence. Well, I just said I’m good at eating. Because who isn’t good at eating? And I love food. HAHA

Okay byeeee. Don’t forget to hydrate! Stay healthy, wealthy, and happy! byeeeee~

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