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Renee Alexis
26, filipina, an introvert who loves young adult fiction, brush pens, Taylor Swift, and Mobile Legends. Coffee runs in my bloodstream.


2021 Reading Challenge

2021 Reading Challenge
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Anecdotes 03 | Tamagotchi

December 2004, Date - forgotten
Brokenshire College Toril Christmas Party

I was a first year in high school. I remember being very excited to go to school with my new outfit. I was all dressed up in tea green, from my off-shoulder, body-hugging blouse to my three-sister ombre tea green skirt to my dangling earrings and the gorgeous flower necklace that completed my ensemble. I wished I had a photo of myself but at that time, camera phones were not yet accessible and digital cameras were rare.

I don't remember much about the happenings earlier that day. What I remember vividly was the late afternoon of that day when all of us had already eaten our lunch and all the gifts have already been exchanged. I was led by my classmates to the ground. There was this one lonely gazebo in the field just adjacent to the basketball court and someone was there. My heart skipped a beat when I recognized who it was. I was very young and I didn't know much about love but I considered this guy as my first love. I've just officially agreed to date him exclusively a few days before, and as far as my young mind could comprehend, I was overwhelmed with the butterflies I felt from having my very first boyfriend. 

I remember walking slowly towards the gazebo, my palms sweaty and my heart beating out of my chest. I was a very shy girl and when I got near him, I'm always at a lost for words. Maybe I smiled at him, maybe we talked a little bit. I just remember that whenever I am face to face with him, I completely forget how to use my tongue. I remember him giving me a Tamagotchi and I felt bad because I didn't get him anything. He waved me off saying what he wanted as a Christmas gift was a kiss. I didn't know how to answer because as excited as I was to finally have my first kiss, I was not prepared and I was thinking it was not the right time yet. I turned my back on him and gazed at the school grounds. He came behind me and hugged me from the back. It was the sweetest thing, and when I thought it would not get any better, he stole a kiss on my cheeks. I was enamored.

Thinking about it now, I find it so funny because I was just so young at that time. My eleven-year-old self thought that my first love would be the guy I will love forever. I would love to go back in time and watch my life unravel in a third-person point of view. Ahh, the joys and struggles of young love...



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