The Random Bibliophile

by Renee Alexis

Renee Alexis
26, filipina, an introvert who loves young adult fantasy, brush pens, Taylor Swift, and Mobile Legends. Coffee runs in my bloodstream.


Thought of the Day: Greed and What It Does To Men

For the past few weeks, I have been a constant listener of podcasts. One weekend ago while I was listening to one of the channels I'm subscribed to, I was introduced to the Victory Podcast by a close friend. It's a podcast of preaching and I instantly fell in love. My favorite preacher is …

Renee Reacts: Money Heist 💰

It's been a month since I've finished watching the Spanish series Money Heist and the adrenaline rush I had from it is still wearing out. Whew...this series was something. I don't know what to watch next because it was just too awesome that I feel like the next one would be completely …

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