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2023 Reading Challenge
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Davao del Sur, Philippines

Digos City | Exploring Kublai Art Garden

It was a sunny day when Jethro and I arrived at Digos City after a two-hour bus ride from General Santos City. We hopped on a pedicab to visit our college friend and asked her to accompany us to wherever place she deemed worthy of a day's visit. She obliged and after a one-hour van ride, we arrived at a highland where a majestic view of surrounding mountains wowed us.

The Kapatagan Valley is place of serenity, a quick getaway from the busy hustles and bustles of the city. It has recently become a popular outdoor adventure destination with its unique and delightful sights to see.

The original plan was to go to Camp Sabros, but we ended up on the other side and so we decided to explore Kublai Art Garden instead. I did not know what to expect so imagine my surprise when this view greeted me.

That weird looking thing on top of the hill is the Agong House. A lot of sculptures were there and we just had the time of our lives running from one to the other, taking tons of pictures and just enjoying the wonderful mountain weather.

The slope of the hill was very steep, care is needed when going down. 

The trek was short but my fat ass dragged me down and had me gasping for air, haha. It was worth it, though. This place reminded me of Davao's Gap Farm, I got to go there during one of our field trips in grade school.

Spot the Difference!

This place is a haven for those who wish to escape the busy streets of the urban area and just breathe and clear their minds. A lot of families were there during our visit, picnicking around the area. A lot of kids were running around, too.

Here's a little fact: Agong/Agung is a percussion instrument used by the Maguindanao, Maranao, Sama-Bajau and Tausug people of the Philippines as a supportive instrument in Kulintang ensembles. One of the most important attractions of this place is the Agong House and statues designed by the renowned Mindanaoan artist Kublai Milan

We climbed up the viewing deck to see everything. Jethro was a scaredy-cat, haha! We really had fun even though it rained for a couple of minutes. Many thanks to my friend who acted as our tour guide/photographer!

Shot taken at the roof deck

We ended our tour by lunch time and went down this road. Cue in *Out of the Woods*.

It was a refreshing start to a perfect weekend getaway and I will surely re-visit soon. For now, there are other places to explore, other sights to see, other cultures to indulge...


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