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2023 Reading Challenge

2023 Reading Challenge
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Happiness is a Choice

Choose a happy life

A huge challenge in a person's life is having to make a choice. A lot of us struggle on a daily basis; whether it be as mundane as choosing for the right shoes to wear for the day, up to making hard, life-changing decisions like what school to go to for college or what course to take to prepare us for the real world.

Some of us focus on learning the pros and cons, weighing in personal habits and preferences. We go on about how we'd benefit from doing this, on what we'd be doing after that...and then sometimes, we lose focus.

It's normal to feel unhappy about certain things. We're allowed to feel emotions because after all, we're just humans. There was a point in my life where I was on the brink of giving up. I thought the situation was irreparable and the damage was unfix-able, and that was when I remembered something one of my high school best friends wrote in a poem: "Remember life never stops, only the raindrops". It was an instant eye-opener; for what seems only words for most people, it was a miracle for me. 

The struggle you go through is only a passing journey so expect that there is always a finish line.

All of us have high hopes and dreams. It was put in our mindset how when we'll achieve something, it would have a tremendous effect and it would make us feel happy, worthy even. But let me tell you something I have learned when I was just a struggling junior in college.

Being happy is a choice, it always has.

Going through problems and challenges makes us work hard to be able to hurdle them all. The outcome should not be what matters the most, the journey to achieve it should. It is a process of making yourself see the silver lining to every cloudy day. Always being happy is supernatural because there will always be moments that'll make you sad. Being able to choose to be happy is the real deal. It may be hard at first but once you teach yourself how to ignore negativity, you progress and you'll be able to feel joy even when problems arise.

How do you guys combat negativity? Are you a serious person or someone who's happy-go-lucky? Tell me on the comments section below :)


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