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Renee Alexis
20-something Filipina, an introvert who loves young adult fiction, brush pens, Taylor Swift, and BTS. Coffee runs in my bloodstream.


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2023 Reading Challenge

2023 Reading Challenge
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Starting Anew

I have been blogging for about 6 to 7 years now, give or take, and it was in Tumblr that I have found my home. It's always a scary thing to start something new and going back to zero has got my heart beating up to a hundred bps (lol jk).

The reason why I decided to move is because I wanted more. I want to grow more as a blogger, I want to be taken more seriously, I want to be more sophisticated, to have more features to use. I want to start fresh and improve myself in writing.  I have been thinking about this since I returned blogging early this year and I think I am ready now.

Tumblr is a good platform for newcomers and beginners, and being there for over 6 years already makes me feel like I'm missing out. I admit, I felt really behind after a year of hiatus and I found out that the bloggers I used to love and follow have already either deactivated, moved to a new platform or turned into re-blog blogs. I was hit by the sudden realization that I have truly missed a lot. I made an account on and started tinkering and familiarizing its many features but I was lost. I was so used to Tumblr's user-friendly css that I cannot grasp everything Wordpress had to offer.

So I came to blogspot. I've had this blogger account before I embraced Tumblr and just this morning, I thought about starting anew with this one. I've had difficulty erasing my previous posts because there was just so much memory on them. I didn't want to forget who I was 6 years ago, I always want to go back and read how I wrote my feelings out. And so what I did was I created another blog profile and imported all those memories there leaving this one good as new.

I will surely miss tumblr, but that doesn't mean I'd forget about it. I may link up my posts here to keep that one updated, but yes, this will be my main blog starting today. 

I'm looking forward to have a lovely blogging life here and to find new friends! Cheers for a new start!


  1. All the best! I recently just moved over from Tumblr to Wordpress and don't regret it at all!

    1. Thank you :) I've seen your blog and its gorgeous, keep it up!

  2. Hello!!! relate jud ko kay ganahan sad ko ug Tumblr kay dali ra pero pagbalhin nako Wordpress kay chakahan man ko. libog! mas dali pa diri <3 and glad to your posts again :3

    1. Ayus jud ang tumblr ate pero kulang lang jud kaayu siya. Tapos one thing nga akong kalagutan kay wala siyay auto-save, which is very frustrating labaw nag long post imong ginahimo tapos kalit lang magloko ang server, edi wala tanan. Haha, mao jud to akong major kalagutan. Ang okay sa tumblr kay dali ra i-edit ang codes para sa theme. Sige ra, active man gihapon akong tumblr pero mao na gyud ni akong main, hehe. Nagtry sab kog wordpress, LIBOG! Dili ko kahibalo unsaon pagcharchar, haha.

      Thank you for dropping by diay! :D


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