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2023 Reading Challenge

2023 Reading Challenge
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Five Quotes I Live By

Growing up, I remember how my parents instilled moral lessons and values to me and my siblings. They have always disciplined us as best they could and I will always be grateful. Because of what they have taught me, I grew up and became the person I am today. Tonight, I thought why not share something personal about me? So I came up with the top five quotes/life lessons I live by since I have known them. 😊

The very first valuable lesson taught to me by my parents that I remember was not to do unto others what I don't want them to do unto me. It was one of the building blocks of my core values and up to now, I always keep it in the back of my mind whenever I am doing something. I firmly believe in karma and I don't want to be at the receiving end if I do something bad. 👌

By the end of grade school, all of us were asked to think of a saying to put beside our graduation pictures in our Yearbook. This was the quote I wrote. I was very competitive back in those days, and I think it has still stuck with me until now.

In my last years of Junior High School, I developed a love for Taylor Swift. A love, that up till now, run so deep I seem to have become one of her avid fans (just not those hardcore ones who buys all of the merch that has her name and face). This is my favorite quote from her. She is such a role model to me and I am just proud to be a Swiftie because until now, even though she has skyrocketed to being soooo famous, she remains grounded. She is the perfect role model for girls out there.

Being insecure was always been inside of me. It was in second-year high school that I have started developing my self-esteem. I was so grateful for my best friend back then who taught me that other people's opinions are irrelevant. That what you think and feel is what's important. The moment I understood what she said to me was when I realized that I have always lived under a shell. I have always been shy, but she taught me how to fight through every day to conquer my fears and to finally step out of my cocoon. Society can f*ck it because when I found my confidence, I vowed never to go back inside that shell again.

Lastly, now that I'm in the "real" world as they say (which is the world of employees and employers), I have learned that there will always, ALWAYS be room for improvement. Nobody is perfect, this quote can never be said too much, and it will always be true. When you make a mistake (which is, again, always), you should learn from it and try not to do it again. You will find ways to avoid it and will learn to do something with more care and accuracy. Everybody is given a second chance, why not make that chance worth it? ☺️

So there you go guys, the top 5 quotes I live by. What are yours? ☺️


  1. I agree with you that Roosevelt, no one can drag you down without your permission!

    - Seyra x

  2. I should start posting like this too on my blog. Seems like I need a bunch of ideas for my blog too. :D

    1. Go ahead! It's good to know I gave you an idea on what to blog. ^_^ Tell me when you have blogged, I would like to see it. :)


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