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Island Garden City of Samal, 8119 Davao del Norte, Philippines

Samal Island | Chillin' at Villa Amparo Garden Resort

Two weeks ago, Jethro and I had a quick three-day getaway to Davao City. It was the weekend and for our first night, we went to the Island Garden City of Samal to get together with our college friends. If you’re thinking if I’ve had my degree in Davao, the answer is no. I graduated in a university in Iligan City and this outing is totally spontaneous and perfectly timing!

How we got to Samal Island and Villa Amparo Garden Resort?


We initially came from Digos City and we rode a bus to Davao, travel time was 2 hours. At the bus terminal, we hired a taxi cab to get us to the Sasa Wharf where we can ride the ferry (Roro) to Samal. Boat ride is approximately 10-15 mins and fare is PHP 10.


Upon arriving at the Babak Port, we hired a tricycle to drive us straight to Villa Amparo. Fare is PHP 75 per head because it is far from the port.

We arrived at the resort at around 6 in the evening. We were worn out by the travel but when we saw our friends, it was like we were energized and the drowsiness melted away. It has been almost 2 years since we've all got together and finally, we will have the chance to catch up with each other again. The night is young and so are we!
We stayed at the resort's Family Room which can already be considered a house. It was complete with a big bedroom with 2 double decks (with a good-for-two lower deck) and 2 single beds in it; 2 toilets; 3 showers; and a kitchen! There were 8 of us and we fit perfectly. I was really impressed by their accommodation. And before you'd assume, no, it isn't overpriced. The room costs PHP 4500 for an overnight stay and for 8 people staying there like us, I say it's a catch.

We didn't bring any food with us so ordered dinner and then we talked for the rest of the night. I have really missed these faces, it was like college all over again - minus the eye bags and stressful nights, haha. We went for a quick swim after and I immediately concluded that it wasn't a good beach. I love swimming and Villa Amparo's beach was always on a low tide, so I can't really enjoy it that much. Although, it was pretty photogenic in the morning. 😉

I went to bed at 11 PM even though we had the mantra "let's morning the night" because I started to feel the exhaustion and my eyes were starting to drop. The sleep was heaven. I cannot stress enough how I loved the room. The bed is comfortable, the air conditioner runs good, it was just the kind of sleeping ambiance I was looking for after a day full of adventures.

The next day, I woke up early in the morning to catch the sun rising. The villa was quiet and beautiful. I woke Jethro up to accompany me to the beach and here are some of the photos we took.

Excuse the messy hair and the just-woke-up face, hehe.
Half-a-squad (not really though haha)
This is the villa, I love how they've put up swings underneath :D
This is the villa's man-made island. It is its centerpiece.
Steps to the beach from the man-made island.
And now for the best part, the beach!
Sooo bottom heavy! But you know what they say, confidence is key! Haha
I have realized that we didn't have a complete group picture together, or at least I didn't, huhu.
Grabbed this photo from one of my friends haha (group pic finally!)

I really enjoyed our stay at this resort and had a great time at the beach with friends. I look forward to return to Samal Island and try out other resorts when I have the time. For now, I'm keeping these memories and will cherish them forever. 😊

How have your summers been? Did you take advantage of the sun? What trips have you gone to? Let's interact on the comments section below! 😊

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  1. Wow! They have a man-made island. That's so cool. I've been to Batangas for the beaches and Laguna for the pools for this summer. Making a last hurrah at Puerto Galera this June! So excited.

    Love, Richel. | Richel Goes Places

    1. Yes, it is impressive :D

      I really want to go to Batangas! I've heard nothing but great things about their beaches! I'm so excited for you Richel :) Thanks for dropping by!

      xoxo, Renee

  2. I've seen this before but I haven't been here. I'll try this one next time! There are a lot of nice beaches also in Talicud. Too bad I didn't get to see you! :D

    Best, Loi | Wanderlaska

    1. I've been to Talicud and I agree, the beach there is far more beautiful than this one. It was my friend's call kasi on where we were staying and he brought us here. It's a perfect place for bonding, though not for swimming, hehe. :) I'll be back in Davao sometime soon, don't worry, we'll meet eventually. ^_^

      xoxo, Renee


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