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2023 Reading Challenge

2023 Reading Challenge
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May Favorites ❤️‍

May has been a very good month for me this year. It wasn't exactly great everyday but there were moments that really took my breath away. Here's a list of all the things that made me quite happy this month:

1. On May 11, I finally took the big leap. I decided to move to Blogspot from Tumblr and it was the best decision I made. So far, I am loving Blogspot so much, I wondered why I didn't move sooner.

2. The highlight of my month was my Digos-Samal-Davao escapade with Jethro and friends. I lived in Davao City during my elementary and high school years and I was really excited to see my hometown again. This trip was really memorable. Davao City has very much improved for the past 7 years and although I didn't get to visit the house I grew up in, nostalgia still took over me when I passed by certain places I've had memories before. I hope I can visit Davao again and spend more than three days the next time.

3. During my stay in Davao City, I got to see one of my high school classmate (only one showed up, huhu). We hung-out and went to dinner together on my second and third night there. I never expected we'd have this bond together because when we were still classmates, we each had separate groups of friends. But while she and her barkada strengthened what they had, I drifted away with mine, and it's just so nice to have her friendship untainted after years of not seeing each other. This time, I'm not going to make the mistake again of not giving the effort to reach out to friends. And while I'm doing that, it's exciting that we are making plans to travel somewhere either late this year or early next year. I can hardly wait!

4. On this month's third week, I got to go home again. I got to see our house, my parents, my sibs and our dog. It was naturally joyful and besides that, I got to visit Iligan City again. I loved my vacation because this time, I enjoyed Iligan's finest with my best friend and boy friend. I ate at my favorite places because I have really missed their food (so much! haha). We also went to Tinago Falls for the second time and it was still magical. I don't think I'd ever get fed up over its pristine beauty.

5. Another thing I loved about this month was I got to spend quality time with my love. He never fails to make me happy, always spoiling me with time, attention and FOOD (haha). I miss you though, only less than a month now till I see you again. 😊

6. And last but definitely not the least, the books I've hauled this month! I am proud of myself for buying books from my own money for a number of consecutive months now. It is very fulfilling! My collection is getting bigger and bigger, and sooner I'll be needing a new and bigger bookshelf to keep them all! #Bookwormproblems here, haha.

And those were my May faves. Only hours now till June comes and I hope it will be another month of greatness. I am looking forward for more adventures, challenges, decision-making moments (because they're always present), and lots of memories for me to collect.

How was May to you? Was it a good month too? What are your May faves? Tell me all about it at the comments section below. 😉


  1. Congrats on your big leap! Nice to see you here. I can follow you using Bloglovin' :)

    1. Thank you Ali ^_^ I've been following you too, continue blogging!

      xoxo, Renee


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