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2023 Reading Challenge
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San Juan, La Union, Philippines

La Union | Surf's Up!

My girls and I arrived in San Juan, La Union at dawn last July 6. It was cold and still dark so we headed right away to Flotsam and Jetsam to wait till morning to check in at their hostel. We lounged and played cards while waiting until a security guard came out of nowhere and told us to scram because apparently, we weren't allowed to loiter in their place. It appears that Manong Fidel fell asleep during his duty and I think he was afraid that his negligence would be found out. He told us to wait outside of their property instead. He was outright rude to us so we decided to find another place to stay. 
We ended up in Hacienda Peter's Beach Resort. Their room was big enough to accommodate the six of us and it was cheaper than we hoped for so it was a steal!

We rested and slept for a while. At 10 o'clock, we agreed to start the day. Our purpose in La Union was to just chill. And chill we did.

We ate at various restaurants that were famous among social medias. There'd be a separate post for this. 😁

The highlight of our La Union trip was the surfing experience. I cannot describe how excited I was with this part of the trip and we were just barely beginning! The resort we stayed in had surfboard rentals so we each rented one and paid for instructors as well! It was supposed to be PHP400 per hour for the surfboard and the instructor but because we have powers, the owner agreed to let us pay PHP350 each because we were the only customers they had that day yet. And take note, we surfed for more than an hour, too! 

Now here's the part where I'm gonna flood you with photos because there's nothing more to say. Pictures are better at this point. 😉

Welcome to Urbiztondo!
Daphne says hi! :D
This is where we rented our surfboards.
Before going to the water, our instructors taught us the basics on how to stand up on the board.
We tried to imitate what they taught us.
And kuya approves! Hehe
Here's a photo of the squad. #AGgoesNorth
Time to test the waters... haha!
I managed to do it on my first try! I have a serious case of beginner's luck, haha!
It feels like I'm on cloud nine!
And here are photos of the squad trying to surf together.
Almost there...
And got it! Yey!
#SquadGoals hahaha!
Congrats team! We conquered the waves (no matter how small they were, haha)!
I tried to have a fierce modelesque photo but I failed...hard! Hahahuhu
We had a view of the gorgeous sunset after the fun activity we had. It was an amazing experience! We vowed to try it again, soon.. ^_^
Thank you SJLU for this memorable trip!

And this is where I end this post. Stay tuned for our foodtrip here in LU!


  1. How fun! I've always wanted to learn how to surf! At least the waves were't crazy :)

    1. Haha, thank God! If the waves were crazy, I would've drowned, LOL JK.

  2. I've always wanted to try surfing! This looks so fun and you guys did REALLY well! Especially for your first try, I feel like I'd be flat on my face! The food and relaxing sounds so nice too!

    Laura | Laura Aime Vous

    1. Oh, don't get us wrong. We did fell countless times, I just chose not to show those photos because they were embarrassing! Haha! But we got the hang of it as we tried it over and over again. My body was all sore the day after but the experience was worth it! :D xx

  3. So cool! I learned how to surf in HI, but that was years ago lol.

    Alix |

  4. Love the quote on that board! I've always wanted to learn but never got the chance and then somehow ended up going surfing 2 months ago with no lesson at all.. needless to say it was a disaster haha :D

    1. If you are a first timer then you should definitely have an instructor because it is very hard to maneuver the board when you're already in the water, haha. But then, I think you had a fun, even just a little bit, haven't you? :)

  5. That was fun!And your squad looks like pro surfers.♥

    1. So much! Haha! Well, let's just say that our photographer that day was great in capturing our successes because let me tell you this, we had fell flat on our faces countless of times!

  6. Badly missing LU right now! :( Been there quite a few times already, but I haven't tried surfing yet because I have this irrational fear about it. I hope I'll pluck up the courage next time. It looks so fun!

    xx, The Diary Queen

    1. If you know the basics of how to swim then you don't have anything to fear! There are instructors right by you side to teach you how to do it. ;) Try it soon! You'll have fun, I promise. :D xx


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