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La Union, Philippines

La Union | Where to find Good Food

Now, I don't wanna impose that I know a lot of things about LU, I don't. I just want to share with you guys where we ate when we went there and tell you that their food is great! On my previous post, I said we started our day at 10 o'clock. We didn't bother with breakfast because after all of us finished prepping, it was already 12 noon. We had our lunch at Surf Shack and we went crazy taking pictures over their cutesy, cozy place.

They had a variety of food in their menu but we were looking for rice meals and they only have breakfast foods available that time (the typical silogs), so we ordered them not wanting to move to another place. Breakfast for lunch it is, or should I say Brunch?

Look how cute it is!
I had the longsilog plate.
I think this was the corned beef one, I forgot.

After the heavy lunch/breakfast, we were served tea. The meal comes with it and we preferred them to be served after for good digestion and all that fuss. We left the place looking for a good place to have dessert and we stumbled upon Angel and Marie's Surf Treat which sells cheap but delightful sweets!

We each ordered their ice candy and a halo-halo, too, for the group to share. The ice candy can use a good bit of condensed milk but the halo-halo is perfectly made. I loved that it has Bukayo in it and a generous amount of leche flan and ube, yum yum yum. My friends probably haven't tasted the leche flan because I scooped it all out the minute we got our order. Oops! 😅

We lounged outside their place and played sungka, cards, and charades. We had so much fun and were so noisy that the neighboring locals reprimanded us to keep our voices down. It took away our momentum so we decided to leave and get ready for our surfing experience.

For dinner, the group went to Tagpuan which was just two blocks away from where we were staying. It wasn't a fancy restaurant, it wasn't even a restaurant at all. Tagpuan was just a stall with a small place where you can eat their food and even though they serve cheap meals, they were very delicious. Just mmm-mmm!

I had the bagnet rice toppings while some of my friends ordered the tapa rice toppings and batchoy mami.

We didn't even order extra rice because their serving was more than enough. And we were saving spaces in our tummy for an evening dessert, too, hehe.

After eating in Tagpuan, we went to this famous cafe called El Union Coffee. It was not far away so we walked to at least digest the dinner we had. We arrived at the cafe and was pleased to see that they only had a few customers, the place was as good as ours!

We ordered the s'mores and skillet cookie in classic chocolate chip. It was to die for! We didn't order any coffee, though I wanted to because that's what they were famous for. But alas, we needed sleep for tomorrow's adventure, which I will blog about soon!

We had the time of our lives playing charades and bursting out laughing on the funniest actions each other made. We were again very, very noisy but thankfully the establishment just let us be. It was a tummy-aching night that was full of good food and even greater laughter. I will surely miss these beauties...but who am I kidding? I am already missing them while I'm writing this! I hope to have more fun adventures in the future with you ladies. I will definitely see you all soon!

Have you been to La Union or are you still planning to? How was your experience? Where were your favorite places to eat? Tell me about it in the comments section below! :D


  1. Looks yummy! Those desserts are to die for! :)

  2. now I have more reasons to go back to La Union haha

    1. Haha, I want to go back too! A one-day stay is not enough! xx

  3. Never been to La Union, but I might have to make a special trip for that smores dessert! Everything looks delicious!

  4. The desserts made me hungry, oh my!

  5. Those foods look so YUM YUM! :) Your LU series makes me want to visit the place ♥

    Wannderzel by Hazel

    1. Oh, you should some time! If you want to chill out with friends and learn a new sport - surfing - then LU is the perfect place. Or if not, you can always just hangout by the beach and eat in nearby restos. LU is a great place, I'd love to go back sometime :)


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