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2023 Reading Challenge

2023 Reading Challenge
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Five Drool-Worthy Blogs You Should Definitely Check Out

Whenever I'm lacking in inspiration or am just in a blogger's block, I usually go blog-hopping to refresh my mind and be inspired by fellow bloggers. I am in Bloglovin' and I absolutely adore this site. For those of you who are hearing Bloglovin' for the first time, it is a reader which updates using RSS Feeds. It is an easy way to follow blogs and get notified when they upload or publish a new post. As long as you have an account here, you can follow ANY blog or website regardless of what platform they are on and even if the owner of that blog doesn't have a Bloglovin' account.

So, I was browsing through different sites these past few days and I've come upon some that are worth mentioning here and sharing them with you all. Now, I like blogs that are put together well, don't have cluttered sidebars, are clean and pleasing to the eyes, don't have clashing color schemes, and have elegant but readable fonts. I listed my top 5 favorite websites as of the moment, so here goes! :D


First up the list is (f-row meaning front row) which is owned by Victoria. She is a mid-twenties writer, photographer, and editor. Victoria established Inthefrow in late 2012 during the completion of her Fashion Ph.D. and career as a Fashion Marketing Lecturer at the University of Manchester. Covering a variety of topics including Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Travel, and Food, Inthefrow aims to offer its readers the latest on the subjects they enjoy the most. Within its first six months, Inthefrow won the Company Magazine Best Newcomer Blog Award, and the year later, the award for Best Established Blog. In 2016, Victoria was also nominated for a Glamour Woman of the Year Award. (source)

What I love about Victoria's blog: It is unique and has so much to offer. From fashion and style to beauty to photography to food to travel, her blog is just one universe of things that we, girls, would want to read! Also, I love her blog layout/template/theme/design, I LOVE IT! It looks like a magazine, a virtual magazine at that. Her blog is so #goals!


World of Wanderlust is owned by the beautiful Brooke Saward, a 24-year-old restless wanderer with a desire to see the whole world, one country at a time! She created this space on the internet as a hub for people like her who want to be inspired daily to travel and live a more adventurous life every day. In her blog, she shares travel tips, lifestyle tips & motivation, DIY projects, recipes, and a little from her life at home. (source)

What I love about Brooke's blog: As an aspiring traveler who also happens to love blogging so much, I look up to people who excel in this area. I idolize and admire people such as Brooke who loves to travel, loves to blog and loves to share tips from her own experiences. I adore her blog because it is clean, crisp and has lots of info to offer. Her posts are detailed and can sometimes be overwhelming but they are never boring. 


Aileen is a Filipino blogger who, at the age of 21, quit her corporate job to follow her dreams of traveling the world. Today, She is a digital nomad (entrepreneur & travel writer) living a sustainable travel lifestyle. (source)

What I love about Aileen's blog: The very thing that attracted me to this blog is the author's backstory.  If you have read my previous post about the dilemma I am facing right now, it would be easy to assume that I want to be as gutsy as her. I want to pursue my passion and dreams, too, I just have to find the courage to do it. Aileen is an inspiration to me, and one day, I, too, will have the courage to quit my day job and pursue what I really want to do.


Geneva Vanderzeil is best known (to her friends) as the master of breakfast taco making, but to others, she hasn’t had the chance to cook for yet, she’s the founder of a pair & a spare. She grew up in Australia and after moving to London in 2008, started a pair & a spare. Initially, Geneva created her blog as a journal for her DIY projects, but over time it has grown to become a place for hundreds of thousands of people to get creative with their lives. Geneva has built a global community based on a love of exploring and recreating the creative process – in fashion, food, travel, interiors, entertainment, beauty and business. (source)

What I love about Geneva's blog: I have known a pair & a spare for years now and what I loved about it was Geneva's initiative on being a DIY Fashionista. Her blog started on just being a blog for DIYs, years after, it began evolving, and now it has a variety of topics like food, travel, inspiration, lifestyle, beauty, and more. Drop by her blog sometime and you'll see why it's one of my favorites. :D


Charlene Villena is an artist based in San Diego, CA. Since the young age of 3, she fell in love with anything and everything related to Art. (source)

What I love about Char's blog: I came across Char's blog when I was just absentmindedly scrolling about the internet. Her blog is minimalist and clean, and I love it! What piqued my interest more was her talent in arts. She is so good at sketching and doodling and coloring, and I aspire to be like that! I'm what you call a "moody artist" because my creative side just appears when I am in the mood. I haven't developed it and it must be why I'm beginning to suck at arts (well, not really suck, just not excel).

So these are my top five current fave blogs that I'm visiting once in a while now. Have you visited any of them? If you haven't yet, please do and tell me what you think of them. Who are your favorite bloggers and what are your favorite sites? Let's interact in the comments section below!


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