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Laoag City, Ilocos Norte, Philippines

Laoag City | Conquering La Paz Sand Dunes

Two things were scratched off from my bucket list when we visited Laoag: experiencing the extreme 4x4 ride and the famous sand boarding activity in La Paz Sand Dunes. It was an unforgettable experience, one I will not be doing again, HAHA. Read on for more of our sand dunes adventure!

It was already three in the afternoon when we arrived in Laoag City.

The weather was great and was perfect for an afternoon of fun and adventure.

We got to the Sand Dunes minutes later and was immediately offered for the 4x4 ride and adventure package. For PHP500 each (there were six of us), we can enjoy one round of riding the 4x4 around their area and have unlimited sand boarding afterwards.

We chose our weapon of choice and then the adventure starts!

Our first go was crazy and exhilarating! I can still hear my friends' voices in my head. We were all just shouting and laughing our heads off, trying to hold on for dear life, as the 4x4 took us to the extreme highs and lows of the sand dunes. I think manong driver even accelerated more because of all the commotion we did at the back. Haha!

The ride was extreme and standing at the back almost broke every bone in my body. I couldn't take the bone-breaking adventure any longer so I transferred and sat on the front seat. The thrill was still there but at least my backbone was safe. I'm still all smiles, though, hehe. :P

In the midst of our adventure ride, our blue 4x4 got stuck up so we were transferred to this red one. We came upon a beach at the end of the sand dunes and we stopped to take photographs. We were then on our way to finish going around.

The 4x4 driver dropped us at the top where we were going to have the sand boarding. Before we tried to, we took advantage of the spacious place. There were only a few people there at that time so we took tons of pictures. The sun was slowly setting and it was windy, it was a perfect setting for a fun shoot! :D

Here's our view from the top!

And then we finally tried sand boarding:

We were hesitant to sandboard at first because we saw how the others stumbled and fell off their boards. But moments after, we felt we should try it at least once because what's the purpose of us being there? Didn't we went to Laoag to experience everything that it can offer? And so we hopped on a board and down we go! The sand was a little moist because it rained early in the day but it was fine, though our shorts were stained a little bit.

Overall, our trip went very well. It was a lot of fun, we laughed and bonded and took countless of pictures together. Experiencing the sand dunes were definitely the highlight of our Vigan-Laoag Tour. We left the sand dunes a little after six in the evening and we proceeded to check in our hotel for a much-needed rest. Our Ilocos Trip still continues on as we will venture to Pagudpud for the next day and so we slept pretty comfortably that night.

Travelling with my best friends has been the most fulfilling, most exciting thing I have ever done in my life yet. I will surely have more wanderlust-ing with these ladies in the future!
Have you guys been to Laoag already? How were your trips? Let's talk in the comments section below! :D


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