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2023 Reading Challenge
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Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, Philippines

Pagudpud | Mermaid Feels at Blue Lagoon Beach

Early morning last July 9, 2016, the group took a 2 hour trip from Laoag City to the Municipality of Pagudpud. We had our breakfast on the road and it wasn't a long ride because we were all energetic and excited for our Northern Ilocos trip. We mostly talked and listened to music all the way.
Our first stop was the Blue Lagoon at Hannah's Beach Resort.

We arrived at the resort by 7:30 and we immediately changed into our swimming outfits. There weren't any entrance fees when going to the beach, so yay for the free swim! But if you want to go to Hannah's swimming pool and use their other amenities, then that's when you have to pay for fees.

The beach had fine, white sand and the water was crystal clear. Being a beach/sea/ocean lover, I was thrilled and excited to go to the waters! But first, the girls and I took photos, because hello Instagram! :D

I know, I know. Why am I wearing a two piece swimsuit when I am too fat and I have thighs that are too big for them? Well, no guts, no glory, that's why! Haha! Kidding aside, I accept how my body looks like now. There are times that I feel good about it, and there are times that I don't but somehow, insecurity hasn't been an issue for me lately. I no longer feel the need to be embarrassed about myself. I've learned how to overlook what I dislike about my body by counting all the things I love about it, and it works! Well, for me it does. This calls for a separate blog post so stay tuned for that! :D

It was such a beautiful day and we just had the time of our lives basking under the sun and enjoying the cool waters of the ocean.

I wasn't kidding with our mini photo shoot. We really did take a ton of pictures! We took advantage of how early we arrived and how it was still just us on the beach.

See how wonderful that turquoise that water is? Ahh, sea life is love. ❤️

We swam for an hour more and then we packed up. We had a long day ahead of us and even though staying at the beach was heaven, we wanted to explore Northern Ilocos more. This was just the start of our Pagudpud adventure, our next stop: the famous Patapat Viaduct! We didn't have the chance to go to the Bantay Abot Cave. We were supposed to go there after beachin' but the tide was high and the waves were big and strong, and we've already changed from our swimming outfits to our dry clothes so we opt to skip going there. It made me sad because we were already there, and then we weren't. But never mind that, maybe next time, when I get the chance to visit again. :)

So, do you like beaches? Do you enjoy being at the sea? What's your favorite beach memory? I hope you have one because my childhood wouldn't have been complete without trips to the beach.

Stay tuned for my next travel post. I'm gonna share to you our last day in Ilocos, one place at a time. :) So, till next time! Ciao!

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