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2023 Reading Challenge

2023 Reading Challenge
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My Christmas Wishlist 2016

Renee's Christmas Wishlist

I don't usually post wishlists because I'm really not into sharing these kinds of stuff, but I will make an exception this time because it's December! 😁 So I've thought up of items I would love to have, maybe not just for this Christmas, but for the next year(s) to come. Some items may be out of my reach for now but I'm still going to include them, haha!

1. The Harry Potter Books in a Box

Ever since I've seen this one on National Bookstore and I was eyeing to buy them from then on. They're just so pricey so I haven't decided to splurge on them yet because of priorities and all. So maybe somebody can give them (*hint hint*) to me as a gift, maybe? Haha!

2. An HP Sprocket

I was planning to buy a polaroid camera (just because), but when I saw Zoella's What's in my Bag video, I fell in love with the HP Sprocket she has. And now, I feel like I need to have one! Somebody get me one! Haha!

3. A new laptop

My current one is dying so this item is really more of a need than a want. And what I'm leaning towards to buy is the HP Envy 13. I am using the HP Pavilion G6 presently and it's 4 years old already so I have grown to love and trust HP. I like it's performance and I've already grown accustomed to it so, yeah. But I'm open to other brands, too. Do you have any recommendations? Tell me!

4. A mirrorless and/or a waterproof camera

I use my dad's DSLR  - a Nikon D3100, to take photos whenever I get the chance to travel. And while it works perfectly, I want a more portable, less bulky one, and a mirrorless camera would be the perfect size to bring with me when I travel and stuff. I've been looking at different models and Fujifilm and Sony are my top brands to choose from. I've read lots of good reviews about the Sony a6000 and of course, the latest Fujifilm X-A3. Buying a gadget may not be possible for me right now, but who knows next year I can afford one, right? Just think positively! 😁

Renee's Christmas Wishlist

5. Workout Essentials: A yoga mat, a pair of dumbbells and some sports bra

I have been seriously considering and practicing a workout routine. This is not because I am becoming more insecure about my body, it's really more about having a healthier lifestyle. I realized that I am not becoming any younger and that I have to take good care and be conscious of my food intake and body movements. So for the past weeks, I've been doing exercises as much as I can everyday. Having these cute essentials will motivate me more to move so it's a no-brainer to include them in this wishlist. 😄

8. More skin care products

On my last month's blog entry about my October Favorites, I mentioned that I have been stacking up on various skin care products. And while I love face masks, I am widening my selection of beauty products. I am still on the lookout for the products that would be compatible for my skin. My skin isn't really out of the ordinary, it's the typical oily, sometimes dry skin type. I'll be trying out different brands soon, so skin care products are so welcome as gifts!

9. A Personal Planner: The Marble Edition

Lastly, these gorgeous planners I saw at twitter yesterday from Personal Planner! I have been wanting to purchase a notebook for Bullet Journaling purposes from them since last October, but I always back out when I am on my way to checkout because I think that these planners are just so costly. And since they are shipping from the US, I'm a bit anxious that I wouldn't receive it because they will only be shipping it to the post office. I'm so paranoid sometimes, it drives me crazy. I joined a giveaway though, I hope I win so I can have my own! 😁

And those are my Christmas Wishlist! I have my fingers crossed to get all of them! But for practicality's sake, I won't be expecting too much, haha! But I'm still putting these things all up in here for future references.

What about you? Do you have some things in mind that you would want to have? What are they? Let's talk in the comments section below! 😊

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