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2023 Reading Challenge
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Things to Look Forward to this December 2016

The last month of the year has finally come and with it, the festive mood of people because the holidays are fast approaching!

Christmas has always been my favorite holiday of all time since I was a kid. I love decorating our house with fairy lights, I love helping my mom decorate the tree, I love wrapping up presents and going to parties, I love watching Christmas-themed movies with my sibs, I love helping my mom plan and cook for the Christmas Eve dinner, most of all, I love going to church, hearing the gospel and celebrating the advent season with the family. Christmas has always been a celebration in our home and I am positively hoping this year won't be any different.

2016 was a roller coaster ride. While it wasn't all that bad, a lot of mess happened to me and my family - and it wasn't pretty. I've always wanted to look at the bright side despite all the bad things that are happening, but if you have been a reader of my blog, you'd know that I have been ... struggling.

This last month of the year would make or break my whole 2016 and I am hoping and praying that it will be my saving grace, that it will be better than the past few months. I am looking forward to making it worth it and I hope this month will be just as I have planned it to be. ☺

Okay, so much for an introduction, here are some of the things I'm looking forward this month. :)

1. Christmas ❤

Of course, that would be the number 1 thing on this list! Who doesn't love Christmas, right? Because if you don't, you're the Grinch! Haha 👅

2. Spending time with Jethro 

It is so fortunate that both of us will be on break this holiday season, and I am just so happy I can spend time with this guy ♡

3. Watching Christmas Themed Movies!

I love watching these with my siblings! Watch out for my Christmas movie watch list soon 😁

4. A trip I'm praying would push through 

I've been saving this last month so that I can treat my mom for a vacation this Christmas and I am so close to that goal! I just hope this plan would push through because I really want to make her happy. So much drama has already happened, I refuse to have another heartache come barging in this month. 😇

5. Spending the holidays with my family

And the most important thing I'm looking forward is just having to celebrate this joyful season with my family. I wasn't able to spend it with them last year because I was at work so I am very thankful that this year, I get to go home and be with them. 😊💛

How are your first of December? I hope your day went well. Mine went surprisingly good! I feel so festive, I've been listening to Christmas songs since morning! Christmas is so right around the corner! 😁

So, what are the things you are looking forward to this month? Let's make this last month count! 


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