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2023 Reading Challenge

2023 Reading Challenge
Renee Alexis has read 0 books toward her goal of 30 books.

My Bullet Journal

Renee's Bullet Journal

It has been five months since I started keeping a bullet journal and I have been religiously using it since October 1. I have been meaning to share this with you guys, but I haven't been very diligent with my blog lately and that's why I am just sharing this with you now. 😛

In this post, I wouldn't dive deep into showing the parts of my BuJo instead, I am just going to introduce you to the parts that I mostly favor because there are some pages that I really don't like sharing. I am not that good at being creative, but at least I try to be. 😅 So yeah, I hope you enjoy this one. 😊

Books to Read spread on Renee's Bullet Journal

It's no secret that I love reading so I had to make a bookshelf inside my journal. To date, this is my favorite page - livres j'ai lu - that roughly translates to 'books I've read'. I have a long, long way to go till I get to fill up all the missing books' titles but I'll get there. This is one way to motivate me to continue devouring books so that I can finish the reading challenge I made in Goodreads this year. Hehe..

Weekly Spread on Renee's Bullet Journal

This was how my weekly spreads used to look like. I don't make daily spreads so my weekly spreads would contain all the things I would do that week. It's nothing fancy, I usually just make a table on one page and list down all I had to do every day and that's it. I do follow the bullet journal system, though and I have my own key (which I forgot to photograph) and all that fuss. I also used to record how the weather was that day, it was tacky and I didn't know why I did that, haha. Maybe because it's one way to add color and life to a page full of lines and letters.

Weekly Spread on Renee's Bullet Journal

And then, when one page for a weekly spread seemed to be not enough, it evolved into this. I started to put up space for my "Gratitude List" and some for etcetera notes. I also drew up small boxes for my habit trackers. This technique really gave me the motivation to do these things day by day because I didn't like missing to color one out! Although, yes, some haven't been done but that's just because I was being lazy, haha!

This is how my weekly spreads look nowadays:

Weekly Spread on Renee's Bullet Journal

For the last two weeks, I skipped drawing my habit trackers as I haven't been really paying attention to them. But I will add them back again soon because I really feel that I'm more productive when they are present.

In my present weekly spreads, I started to put in a weekly expense tracker so that I would know how much I am spending each week. Now that I am working home-based, I need to see to it that I wouldn't spend beyond my 'budget' because let's face it, being home-based is different from having a day job as my salary tends to depend on the amount of work I have done for the month. But I'm not complaining, though. This is what I wanted in the first place, and I am just beyond blessed to be living the life I am living now. 😊

Blog Calendar on Renee's Bullet Journal

Last November and December, I tried using a blog calendar where I planned on the possible blog contents I'd like to put up. In fairness, it was effective because I really got to follow the schedule I made. I did this just until December, haha. When January came and I became occupied with work and a lot of changes, I started to feel less productive when it comes to my blog. Hence, the lesser posts each month and the inconsistent publishing dates.

Last year, I used to post up to 3 times per week. Now, I'm not as motivated as before. "What changed?", you'd ask. Well, life happened. It seems that I'm busier these days, especially on the weekdays. I don't prioritize my blog that much than before and I miss it. I am also going through what they call a "blogger's block". Besides not having the motivation to blog, I got no ideas on what to blog! I know this can happen to anyone, and I hope I'll be out of this situation sooner than later.

Okay, so much for that... Here's another page I'd like to share with you.

Encouraging Quotes in Renee's Bullet Journal

Sometimes, when I didn't have the chance to write up to-do lists or expense trackers or just random notes for the week, I'd fill up the empty spaces on my journal with empowering and encouraging quotes like this one.

Ironic quotes in Renee's Bullet Journal

Or some ironic ones like this one, haha! Save daw muna bes, but I ended up splurging on another Althea haul that time. Oh, Renee... 😂

The Korean Alphabet in Renee's Bullet Journal

And this was when I got addicted to KDramas so much, that I really taught myself some basic phrases and how to read and write the Korean alphabet - 한국 (Hangul). Now, I can read them syllable by syllable, the only dilemma is that I cannot understand most of them! 😂 어떻게?!

Monthly Spread on Renee's Bullet Journal

Lastly, this is how my monthly spreads look like. I prefer drawing up a calendar for the whole month as they seem to be most effective for summarizing what happened that month. I only put important events/things in it so that when I'd look back, I would know the highlights of that month.

And that's it! My Bullet Journal just has the basics and it really keeps me on track. I love how in control of my life I feel whenever I get to crash out an item on my everyday to-do list. I like keeping records, too, of what my day looked like at the end. Deciding to keep a bullet journal has been one of the wisest decision I've made because not only do I get to keep track of my life, I also get to express everything in it. It's my all-in-one book! It's the one thing I keep with me always and I think I would lose it when I'd lose this book, haha!

The notebook I'm using: A brandless blank notebook I found at National Bookstore, I think it was just for 200+ pesos? I'm not sure, hehe (ulyanin problems)
Pens I'm using: Too many to mention, haha! For reals - Faber Castell 0.5 Ballpoint Pen for daily use; Uni Pin 0.4 Fine Line for letterings and borders; Dong-A 0.4 Fine Line Color Pens, Dong-A My Color2 color pens, and Maped Color Pens for coloring and decorating; and some colored ballpoint pens for writing headers. (see? I have tons)

What about you? Do you keep a journal or a diary, perhaps? Have you tried bullet journaling? How's it working for you? If not, do you have plans to? Tell me your thoughts in the comments section below! 😊


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