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2023 Reading Challenge
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The Ups and Downs of Being Home-Based

The Ups and Downs of Being Home-Based

I never really solely talked about my nature of work here in my blog before. All you just knew (if you were a reader) was that I was fed up of my previous job, which is being a metallurgical engineer, and I wanted to dive into the world of blogging and freelancing. I did quit my job last February, and yes I am now working freelance and jobs online. Am I earning more than I was before at my previous job? No, I don't. Do I want to go back? Absolutely not. Am I happy? Yes, I believe so.

I've been discouraged to do this so many times because they say that this is a difficult road to venture into. I wasn't stupid. I had an idea how hard it would be to start over. And to start over on a different career path at that.

So many have asked if what I'm doing now is worth it. So many have questioned why I did what I did. My parents aren't really confident that I would make it. My mother always asks me about my jobs, about what I'm doing, how much I'm earning, if I can still continue to support myself. Being away from home means that I have to pay all the bills myself. I have to pay my rent, the electricity, and water, my food for every day, phone credits, and of course some personal things. Add to that the expenses whenever I have some travels happening. I really wanted to assure them that I get by. That I can get by.

Yes, doing online jobs and freelancing isn't easy. You need to build your portfolio, you need to convince the client that you can do a good job, you need to learn new things and refine your craft. You need the patience to get through all the rejections. And sometimes, you just need luck to land a job that you like. It's a continuing journey and I am proud of myself to have come to this point.

So far, I can say that I'm doing okay. I'm not there yet but I'm happy with where I'm heading and I'm so thankful for all the opportunities I've been receiving. God does not really disappear from your side. And the saying "when one door closes, another one opens" is so true. This blog is one reason why clients have found me and I didn't really expect it to be a bridge because I have been in and out of the blogging community for several months already. I wasn't putting much effort in this little website but it still helped me in some sorts. Maybe this is the sign that I am truly doing what I should be doing. Receiving emails from strangers saying that they appreciate the efforts I put in my blog means the world. I felt validated.

In the past few months of working home-based, I encountered a lot of pros and cons. Working without a boss that is physically present means that I only have myself as a motivator, a supervisor, and sometimes an enemy. I wanted to share the ups and downs of being home-based in this post but it turned out to be longer than I expected. I surely did miss writing my heart out. So now, without further ado, here are my ups and downs...


1. You don't have to dress up for work
Ito pa talaga number one ko. 😂 But really, I don't mind dressing up. What I mind is the laundry, haha! And working on your comfiest pair of PJ's or shorts and large shirt cannot be beaten. And that is why this is my first pro. 😉

2. You don't have to wake up early
Some online work gives you the freedom to choose your own hours of work which is very convenient. I work in the afternoon so I can sleep in all I want, hehe.

3. You can take control of your time
As I have mentioned above, you can be flexible with your working hours. This is one perk of being freelance I really enjoy. 

4. You won't have a nagging boss
Nagging bosses are the worst. I have plenty in my previous job, so having none at my present is a breath of fresh air. Yes, you will still work for someone, but you will only have to communicate online which I think is much better.

5. No more commuting.
Hey, you work at home, that means you don't have to ride the jeep or the bus to work. You won't have to deal with the morning rush. You won't have to deal with the smoke and dust and pollution outside. I love it.

6. You're free to be creative and do your work
When you like what you are doing, you create your own dimension of creativity and wonder. You can be as wild or as timid as you want. There's no limit, you can do more than what your client is asking for and your suggestions and opinions are highly appreciated in this line of work. I'm not saying that other jobs don't appreciate what you do, I'm sure they do, too. I just have to add this as a pro because I didn't get to experience this in my previous job.

7. No more social anxiety (update as of 10/28/2017)
I just realized that while some people enjoy working with physically present officemates and bosses, I like the opposite. In my previous job, I dreaded the regular meetings with the big bosses and calls from suppliers. I just recently found out this has a word and that is Social Anxiety. I work more effectively on my own. I like communicating through emails and chats more than conversing face-to-face or through the phone. Through online work, I may have to answer a few Skype calls from time to time but at least, I don't have to talk to anyone face to face. 😅


1. You get lazy 90% of the time
Getting to work at home makes you feel too comfortable that sometimes you don't feel like working at all. I am such a lazy ass that it requires tremendous effort for me to get out of bed in the morning. That's why whenever I decided to get out of bed, I immediately take a bath to wake myself so that I won't go back to lounging and being lazy, haha.

2. You are bound to procrastinate
Ahh, procrastination, it is the bane of my existence. Even when I was still a student, I am often the procrastinator. But then, just like a regular day job, you really have to work and take action if you want to earn. And that has become my daily motivation.

3. You can be easily distracted
Working at home means that all the comfort is just at your fingertips. The bed is there, the television is there, the phone is there, the laptop and wifi are there, all for an unlimited time of use. You tend to get distracted almost always, 90% of the time. An app called Forest is a life saver. By using this, I get to do more work as I can't use my phone because the tree I'm planting might wither away, and you wouldn't want that to happen would you? 😊

4. Sometimes, the salary can be unstable when doing freelance jobs
This might be the biggest game-changer when you go freelance. As a beginner, I started doing a couple of part-time jobs. The pay is a fraction of what I was earning before. But I didn't mind it because I know when I work hard and efficiently, I will get the high paying jobs in the future. Everybody has to start somewhere, and today, I am proud that I made progress. I currently have 4 clients I work for, soon to turn five. Add to that an online shop as a sideline. Truly, hard work pays off.

5. Less social life (update as of 10/28/2017)
While this down may be contradicting to UP number 6, having social anxiety does not mean I am afraid to interact with people. Online jobs are unpredictable. Sometimes you are buried with work, sometimes you are free as a bird. There was a time that I had so much work to do, even my weekends were filled to the brim and I wasn't able to rest and meet with friends. Add to the fact that you work alone inside the four corners of your room, so yeah, sometimes I do miss working with an officemate or two.

And there you have it, my ups and downs of being home-based. Sometimes it's a struggle, sometimes blessings come when you least expect it. The unpredictability of my current work situation is what fuels me to do more. Gone are the routine-filled days, good riddance to it. 😂

I am in no ways trying to make fun of those who have their day jobs, and I am also not encouraging you to dive into freelancing if you aren't prepared for it. I made this post to share with you guys how I'm doing with my life right now. I have been really absent on this blog and feeler lang ako kasi baka may mga curious sa inyo (if I have any readers) on what I am doing currently na.

I really must go back to blogging. I have soooo many back blogs na, and I don't want to them to be forgotten. So self, please have the motivation to edit the pictures and write the posts. 😅

I hope you learned a thing or two from this post. Let me know what other ups and downs you've experienced if you're working home-based like me. Surely, I must have forgotten some things. Till next time!


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