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2023 Reading Challenge
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Burgundy: A Hairstory

I have always been playful with my hair. I remember the first time I colored it was when I was a sophomore in college and I had red hair for a while. My parents let me do whatever I want with my hair so I did, to my heart's content. One day came and I realized how my hair has grown weaker, unhealthier and more brittle after all the bleach and coloring I've done. I was worried most especially because I have thin hair. And it became thinner as I also suffer from hair loss. To get my hair healthy again, I stopped bleaching and coloring it and just let my natural hair grow and recover. Now, after almost two years of rest, I was again itching to have something done to it. A week before my Boracay trip, I decided to bleach the inside portion of my hair.

Now we all know how bleaching the hair can cause it to dry up. Mine has not been exempted and it was crunchy to touch. I first saw these new trendy Korean coloring hair treatments in Joan Kim's channel and I was instantly curious about it. So I bought several colors not being able to decide what to try. Good thing I have a shop that I can just sell the other colors I didn't want, haha.

Renee's Boracay hair

These babies are the bomb! And I'm not just saying this to promote my business. They are truly hair treatments that will do wonders for your hair! My newly bleached hair was as dry as can be. I tried on this product (I used green and red), and when I rinsed it off after leaving it on my hair for over an hour, I felt the massive difference. My once dry hair was as soft and healthy just like when it was pre-bleached! And no, I am not exaggerating.

Missha 7 days coloring hair treatment

The cute colors are a plus though they were not that pigmented. I would really recommend this one to those who are looking for a quick-fix of their damaged hair.

It's been a month now since my Bora trip and the colors from the hair treatment were long gone. I was again itching to bring my hair to life. So yesterday, when I went to the mall and found myself at Watsons, I saw these permanent hair dye colors from Glam Works.

Glam Works Permanent hair dye color in Burgundy

Glam Works Permanent hair dye color in Burgundy

I thought, hmm, why not go Burgundy again? And that was just what I did last Sunday afternoon. These 2 packs were enough for my long hair. It already contains both the colorant and developer and all you have to do is just pour it onto your gloved hands, mix it a little bit, and then spread it all over your hair. The pack comes with a pair of plastic gloves so it's really no fuss. I left it on for about an hour even though the instruction says to leave it on for just 25 minutes.

I washed the dye out of my hair with my shampoo and followed it up with a conditioner. It was a bit drier but that should be expected, right? I don't have a solid regimen on maintaining my hair but if I will continue to bleach and color it, I realized I needed to do something to take care of it, too. I need some sort of treatment to soften it and make it healthy again. I found various products and reviews online that I wanted to try for myself. This Keranique shampoo review stood out as it focuses on hair loss and that is my main issue with my hair. The line is so pricey, though so I may have to save up first before splurging for this product. Maybe, for now, I'll be sticking with my Dove Shampoo and Conditioner, Piolang CP-1 Raspberry Treatment Vinegar, and Olive Oil. I know these products will help my hair if I just apply them on religiously. 😉

I'll be enjoying this new hair color of mine AND I will also continue to take good care of my hair. As we all know, our hair is our crowning glory. I wouldn't want to go bald anytime soon. 😂 I should finish my narrative here, haha. Really guys, I just wanted to share with you my hair adventures and I didn't expect that this post would be this long, haha! I hope this read didn't bore you out.

What's your hairstory? Have you done any coloring before? If not, are you planning to? What products are you using to take care of your hair? Let's talk in the comments section below! 😊


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