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2023 Reading Challenge
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The Eat Iligan 2.0 Adventure: Some thoughts and highlights

Brownie Ala Mode from Pop Snack

I have always wanted to be a part of a group that has the same interest as me, aka blogging. So when I was informed that a blogger society from Iligan City is doing this event, I didn't hesitate to fill up the form to join.

IBS x Eat Iligan 2.0

Eat Iligan is a 2-day Food Appreciation Tour in Iligan City organized by the Iligan Bloggers Society that seeks to highlight Iligan City's homegrown food places and restaurants in various social media platforms. This event desires to capture the attention of fellow Iliginanons and visitors to try out these local food establishments.

This event made me see Iligan City with fresh new eyes. I have so many firsts because of this. I never knew this city has so much more to offer! I would be featuring each food places we've been to, but before that, here are some of this tour's highlights. 😊

#EatIligan Highlights

Iligan City's Tourism Bus
  • We went around the city riding Iligan City's tourist bus! You cannot get any grander than that.
Robinsons Place Iligan
  • I got to visit the city's newest mall - Robinsons Place Iligan. It was a Saturday and there were so many people itching to shop and chill. Some stores haven't opened yet but I can now see why this place is so hyped.
#EatIligan ID and my phone
  • When you're with fellow bloggers, no food can be touched without photographing them first 😂
Pater and Palapa combo with fried chicken
  • This food tour cannot be complete without having to taste Iligan City's staple food which is the Pater and Palapa combo. Fun fact: Palapa is a spicy sauce with minced shallots used as garnish to add more flavor to your food and I think this originated from Marawi City 😉
Schokolade Iligan
  • I didn't know about it but Iligan City has a chocolatier! Schokolade Iligan has so many chocolate desserts to offer, their setup is the cutest in this tour! I have so many things to say about them but I'll save it up for the separate post, hehe. They are definitely a must try!
Pop Snack Iligan
  • Pop Snack is the perfect budget-friendly food place to have your get together with friends. Their food is equally affordable AND delicious, and their place has the best lighting to get your perfect Instagram photos. 😜
Red Beet Salad in Adventist Medical Hospital Cafeteria
  • If you are into healthier options, the Adventist Medical Hospital cafeteria offers an array of vegetarian food. This Red Beet Salad is my fave among all they have served.
Petscapes Iligan
  • Another first in Iligan is this pet store + cafe in one - Petscapes. The place is chill and you can definitely bring your work here. Although I would prefer to get my coffee some place else, this cafe has its own unique quality that will appeal to many.
Pinch Sugar and Spice
  • And lastly, I just have to mention Pinch Sugar and Spice. A dainty cafe located just meters away from where I live. I loved the ambiance of this place so I decided to make this my me-time cafe from now on. 

I think I should end my sneak peek here, hehe. It was a fun, carb-filled gastronomic adventure and I am looking forward to attending next year's event, as well. I met new people, gained new friends, and got to know so many of the local restos' stories. This experience just filled me up with passion, inspiration, and motivation to do more.

Stay tuned to my Eat Iligan Series as I will be sharing each of the food houses we've visited! 😉 Till next time!


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