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Iligan City, Lanao del Norte, Philippines

Don Carlos Iligan 🍩 | Easy Bites. Tasty Bites.

There's a new hangout place in Iligan City and if you are a fan of donuts and coffee, then it's a must that you visit this place. This is purely Iliganon and I think it is something we all can be proud of!
Don Carlos Iligan | Easy Bites. Tasty Bites.
Tired of the old Dunkin Donuts and Mister donuts? Craving for the delish Krispy Kreme and JCO donuts but don't have the drive to go to Cagayan de Oro to get them? Well, here's a quick fix for you, and for a fraction of a price at that! 🍩

Don Carlos has opened their doors to the public last June 11, 2018, and I had the privilege to be invited to their pre-opening ceremony as I am a part of the Iligan Bloggers Society.

Don Carlos is a humble upcoming business that aims to level with the biggest donut industries in the world today. And while they are starting small, they aren't just something to be put on the side. Don Carlos is budding and definitely has the potential to grow bigger. The first arrays of products they introduced to us are very promising, if I may say so myself.
Don Carlos Durian Rivera
These delectable treats are called the Durian Rivera, named after the famous Marian Rivera. Witty right? The donut has durian fillings and topped with some slightly toasted marshmallows. The combination is heavenly, it's like you're eating a sweet, fluffy cloud. I liked this one. ❤️ It isn't overly sweet, but it's not bland, too. It's perfectly balanced so those who can't tolerate too much sweetness will enjoy this one very much.

They only introduced five initial flavors to us but they have so many more in store for us all in the upcoming days, so don't fret if you aren't a durian lover.
Don Carlos Almond Moreno
Here we have an almond-topped donut and it may seem similar to JCO's Alcapone donuts but these just cost a fraction of their price so it's a total win!

They named their donuts with silly names inspired by local and some international celebrities, by the way. 😂
Don Carlos Iligan Box of Donuts
A box of Don Carlos donuts costs only PHP180 and it already contains 12 pieces of assorted flavors. They also offer coffee and tea because we all know donuts and coffee pairs perfectly together. ❤️ Their store hours are 9 AM to 8 PM every day except Sunday, I think. 
Renee Alexis hanging out at Don Carlos
The shop has a nice ambiance to it albeit their small size. The corners are cozy and instagrammable as well! Millennial requirement? Check! I vlogged some parts of my visit last Sunday and you can watch it on this Youtube video below. 😊

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This is it for this blog post. If you are from Iligan City or just visiting, I recommend you go get yourself some of Don Carlos' donuts so you can see for yourself that they are really worth the hype. Thanks so much for dropping by my blog, talk to you soon!


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