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Renee Alexis
20-something Filipina, an introvert who loves young adult fiction, brush pens, Taylor Swift, and BTS. Coffee runs in my bloodstream.


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2023 Reading Challenge

2023 Reading Challenge
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A 2-Week Social Media Cleanse (and other games)

A 2-Week Social Media Cleanse
Earlier last June, something came up that changed something in me. I came to realize a lot of things and with that, I also came to lose interest in what I have been obsessed about for the past years. Social Media. It all felt so overwhelming and toxic that it has affected the way I see myself and live my life. I decided once and for all to really take a break from the stuff that was making me lose my mind over time.

I deactivated my main Facebook account. I've been wanting to do this since forever but have put it off time and time again because of various reasons. I decided to keep my second account though because I was using that one for my online business. There were a few mixed feelings and anxiety at first but I eventually felt relief after I deleted the Facebook app on my phone. No more irrelevant and unnecessary notifications popping up randomly, and I never felt more at ease.

The following day, I decided to take myself off Twitter, too. Although I didn't deactivate, I deleted my Twitter App and I didn't expect that I'd feel freer. I used to always scroll down through my twitter feed and lately, the tweet I've been reading from people have been just very toxic for me. Twitter has been my go-to rant place, a place where I can truly express myself without the worry of having people judge me. In the past, Twitter was just a place where you can stalk out your fave celebs and say anything you ever want without having people bash the life out of you for having a different opinion from them. Today, Twitter has already been flocked by people who are fearlessly judgemental and won't even think twice of calling you out. What scares me more is that sometimes, I become one of those people. And I don't want to add more to the toxicity the community already has and so I opted to get myself off the narrative.

During the 2 weeks of being Facebook and Twitter-free, I've felt peace. No more late night scrolling on feeds and getting myself hyped up from the various issues in those platforms. No more feeling small because I can see other people achieving more than me. No more comparison issues. No more feeling of enviousness to those who have more. Honestly, it was a very refreshing setback and I am thinking of making it a long-term arrangement. Maybe just deleting these 2 applications on my phone because the problem with deactivating my main Facebook account means that I'm also deleting my accounts on other apps where I used Facebook to log in on them. So yep, just this week, I logged in and reactivated and even though it seems that a lot has happened in the platform, I didn't feel like I missed out on a lot. In fact, I care even less. I just have to find a way in my settings to turn off the pop-up notifications because seeing them makes me anxious, haha. #OC

Other than taking myself off Facebook and Twitter, I also deleted the games that I'm most addicted to. I said goodbye to Mobile Legends and PUBG Mobile so I can focus more on the important things that I had to do. I installed other games though to keep me company on idle time, they are relaxing games unlike those two I deleted which are violent and gives me anger issues, haha.

In those 2 weeks, I read more, spent more time with my friends and family, and just be more productive in general. I didn't get to waste time looking at my screen's phone. Instead, I did more things I ought to do than just carelessly scrolling through feed after feed. I slept earlier than usual, too.

This socmed cleanse made me more at peace and mindful. It did good things on the way I think and live my life. I can honestly say that I'm happier without constantly checking out the endless updates from Facebook and Twitter. And now that I've installed them back on my phone, I'm definitely not like before. I only check them out once or twice and I don't spend hours checking them out anymore. And I'm really proud of myself for that.


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