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2023 Reading Challenge
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Eat Iligan 3.0 Highlights

Eat Iligan 3.0 Highlights
It's been a year since my first Eat Iligan and I am so thankful that I got to join in this year's event again! The event was held last July 27-29 and it was, as always, a fun-filled gastronomic adventure, plus I got to meet new faces who have the same hobby as me!


If you didn't know yet, Eat Iligan is a 2-day Food Appreciation Tour in Iligan City organized by the Iligan Bloggers Society that seeks to highlight Iligan City's homegrown food places and restaurants in various social media platforms. This event desires to capture the attention of fellow Iliginanons and visitors to try out these local food establishments.

We went to a lot of places in this year's event and some of them I got to try for the first time. This event didn't disappoint. It was well-planned and well-organized despite the little mishaps that happened along the way. Here are some tidbits, highlights and, overall, a summary of what happened during the said 3-day event.

Eat Iligan 3.0 Highlights

Jacko's Kan-anan
The event started at Jacko's Kan-anan at three in the afternoon. This is where we got to meet the participants of the Eat Iligan 3.0 and also the partners and sponsors of this event. It started with, of course, a prayer, then an introduction of every person in the room, a small video presentation from the sponsors and guests, and then, the best part, eating.

Jacko's is a casual Filipino restaurant and they offer classic Filipino cuisine that will surely tickle your palette. The food is made from quality ingredients and the flavors were just excellent. The restaurant's ambiance is very cozy so diners will surely have long, comfortable conversations over lunch or dinner here. Best thing is that their food is essentially affordable, your pocket wouldn't hurt that much. 👌

Greenwich Cheesy Steak & Fries Pizza
We also dropped by in Greenwich Tibanga Branch on our first day and we were given the Cheesy Steak and Fries Overload pizza to try. It was such a savory flavor leaving me wanting for more.

Don Carlos Donuts
On the second day, we kickstarted the food tour at Don Carlos Iligan. I've blogged about my thoughts about this one already so if you haven't read that one yet, you can click this link to do so. 😊

Heaven's Bakehouse - Piaya de Iligan
We also got to visit a bakery that makes the famous Piaya de Iligan. We got to try the freshly baked Piaya and it was so delicious.
Heaven's Bakehouse

Heaven's Bakehouse also makes huge pizzas called the Big Deal Pizza which only cost PHP399 per box. It was literally overloaded with toppings and cheese, and I have to say that it is so worth the price!
Keepsakes Iligan
Did you know there's a place in town where you can buy Iligan City souvenirs and memorabilia? Keepsakes Iligan has a wide selection of souvenirs and crafts in store for those who are looking to remember their travel to Iligan City. From keychains to magnets to t-shirts to pouches and bags, you will surely pick some that you will love. So if you happen to visit Iligan City, don't forget to get yourself a little something to remember your travel. 🤗
Gloria's Ihaw-Ihaw
Aside from Cebu, Iligan City is also known to have the tastiest lechon in the Philippines. In this year's Eat Iligan, we went to Gloria's Ihaw-Ihaw, a famous lechon house in Timoga, Buruun. We had a generous feast and my tummy was filled to the brim! 😁

Tita Fannies Roasted Liempo
Another restaurant worth mentioning is Tita Fannies - home of the original roasted liempo and lechon manok. They are already 19 years in the business and if that doesn't speak volumes about how good they are, then I don't know what will. 😉 They're proven and tested, and with 19 years behind them, they don't really need to be hyped even more. 👍

Adventist Dietetics & Nutrition Department
On our third day, we had a healthy breakfast at the Dietetics & Nutrition Department at Adventist Medical Center Iligan. They have vegetarian and vegan food options and, surprisingly, these kinds of food weren't bland like I expected them to be. The proteins served taste just like real meat! My personal fave is their pancake, champorado and garden salad. If you decide to eat healthily, this is the place you should definitely frequent.

Chikaan Iligan
It was my first time to try dining in Chikaan. It's one of the many restaurants in Robinsons Iligan and it's definitely one of my faves. Their place has a really nice ambiance and their food was good. My favorites were the baka caldereta, baked scallops, and Bicol express!

Mango Mania
A dessert place we went on the last day of the event was the Mango Mania kiosk. And it was my first time to eat there as well. We were served with several treats from their menu and I couldn't pick just one favorite from everything. If you are a mango lover, this place will be a haven for you. I will definitely come back here again.

Palapa in Hometown Pasalubong
Before we went to our next destination after having desserts at Mango Mania, we dropped by a pasalubong center called Hometown Pasalubong. This shop carries a lot of goodies of different brands of Iligan's specialties including Piaya de Iligan, Ube kisses, Special Palapa from Pater Al-Kuwait and so much more. They also sell caps, tote bags, and bracelets here. If you're at the mall and you want to buy pasalubongs for your loved ones, this is the place you should go to.

Dragonfruit Shake at Kelsey's
Dinner part 1: We went to Kelsey's and Kyla's Bistro. These are two separate restaurants but they are both owned by the same person so the food served to us was from both of these restos. I could just say one thing about our visit here, we were spoiled and served with food far more than we could finish. The photo above is their Dragonfruit Shake and it was delightful. 💕

Max's Restaurant
Dinner Part 2: The final place we went to for our last day is Max's Restaurant. I'm sure this food place doesn't need an introduction because you all know this one. We were served with their best sellers including the chicken that made them famous. We were so full from our previous destination so we ate just a little bit more from the feast they laid out for us.

Eat Iligan 3.0 Highlights

Overall, the event was fun and it went smoothly. I got to try new restaurants and I got to meet new friends. It wasn't just a food trip, it was also a get-to-know-each-other event. I got to know more about Iligan City and the food that its citizens love. I went home with a full tummy and a big smile on my face. I would definitely love to be in the next Eat Iligan event next year!


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