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2023 Reading Challenge

2023 Reading Challenge
Renee Alexis has read 0 books toward her goal of 30 books.

September to Mid-October Faves: Skincare, Books, and everything in between

Renee's bullet journal
It's been a long time since I've made a favorites list kind of post and I missed it. So today, I am bringing it back. The past months haven't been good for me. I've had the toughest time, my emotions were in a roller coaster, and I was just in a really low, really dark place. I've written about it but I didn't have the heart to post it publicly. I wasn't motivated and inspired to write anything either so I just let my blog sleep.

This morning, I stumbled upon this Instagram and I read this on her blog. I instantly wanted to do a post like it, too, but I had a dilemma. It's not Tuesday anymore by the time I finish this post and I really wanted to publish something on this blog. And so, I figured I'm going to make it a favorites blog post instead.

I've made a list of the things that made me happy for the past weeks and here's what I've come up:

Sunnies Face Fluffmatte Lippies

Sunnies face fluffmatte lippies
Last month, I purchased three Fluffmatte lippies from the Sunnies Face line and it has become my favorite lipsticks of all time! I got the shades Nudist, Girl Crush and Mood. I ordered them on Lazada together with this Coffee Jelly Pouch and when I received it a week later, I was over the moon happy.

My favorite shade has got to be nudist out of the three. Although Girl Crush comes to a close second. I love the subtle color of Nudist as it gives me that perfect nude pout. I, however, don't use it on its own. Whenever I wear Nudist, I always mixed it with Girl Crush or Mood, depending on my mood (no pun intended), and I'd always feel I'm ready to face the world. It may be a cliche for some, but these lipsticks make me feel a little bit prettier when I have them on. 
Sunnies Face Fluffmatte Girl Crush and Nudist Swatches

Ra&Gowoori Real Kill Sun Screen and Snody Propolis Honey Ampoule

Ra&Gowoori Real Kill Sun Screen and Snody Propolis Honey Ampoule
Since Anna Cay has started raving about these two products, I haven't really got them out of my mind. I've always checked out her Shopee account if these two are available and whenever they are, I almost always click the checkout button. But every time, I back out because I still have a sunscreen and a serum. I don't want to just buy and buy products and have them lying in a box, waiting to be used.

When the last sunscreen I was using was emptied, that was the time I finally bought these two. And I've been using them for about 2 weeks now and I am in love.

I love the sunscreen. Anna Cay was so right in raving this one. This is indeed a great makeup base because it makes my base stay on for hours and hours. Even when I go home at the end of the day, I'm always delightedly surprised when I check my makeup and it still looks so good. This sunscreen is lightweight, does not leave a white cast and absorbs immediately to the skin. What more can I ask of it? And with its price of ₱420, I am just blown away by how it performs.

As for the ampoule, I still can't say if it's effective because I might need some more weeks to find that out. But, what I can tell you about it is it's a very fast absorbing serum and it didn't break me out! I'm liking it in my evening routine and I just need 2 drops of it to cover my whole face. A little does go a long way and with its price of ₱480, I think this one will last me a good 2 or 3 months.

Nature Republic Sheet Masks

Nature Republic Sheet Masks

I've been hoarding a lot of sheet masks the past few months and I just bought myself these Nature Republic sheet masks last week. I bought 5 variants and so far, I've only used Tea Tree and Green Tea. I liked the Tea Tree one better than the Green Tea because the latter's essence is just too watery for my taste, and it made my cheeks itch, too. Good thing no reaction happened after I took off the mask. What I loved about these masks is that they're affordable and the packaging looks really pretty. I can't wait to try the other variants soon! I'm particularly excited with the Rose one. 😊

Paborito Workplace

Paborito Workplace

I've found my office and it's in Paborito Workplace! This coffee shop slash coworking space slash diner has just opened in the city last August and I was one of the bloggers invited to attend its soft opening. I got to see the place and sample their menu for the first time and since then, I can't count the hours I've spent reading and working in this dainty cafe.

I love the peacefulness of this establishment and the comfortable seats they have. I also love their food and most of all, their Iced Coffee (which is my favorite, goodbye, Mcdo Iced Coffee 😂)!

Whenever I'm bored at home and want a change of surrounding to work or just read my book (which is almost every day), this is the place I go to. I have a favorite reading spot here and I think the workers are already familiar with me because I have already become a regular. 😅

Paborito Workplace

Rereading the Throne of Glass Series

Queen of Shadows
I've been drowning myself in books lately because this is the only thing that takes my mind off the reality I am in right now. I've found out that reading books takes me into another world where I can just enjoy and be in the adventure with the characters I'm reading.

Since last month, I've been in the fictional world of Erilea with Celaena Sardothien as I reread the Throne of Glass Series in preparation for the coming out of the last installment of the series - Kingdom of Ash; which will be out this October 23.

I didn't know how much I missed the adventures of this young assassin until I picked up book one, Throne of Glass. I finished it right away and then proceeded to The Assassin's Blade, which contains the prequel stories. It took me time to finish this one because I was rather preoccupied with other things. Then I read Crown of Midnight, Heir of Fire, and Queen of Shadows in the last two weeks and I am now finally on book five - Empire of Storms. I'm on a race here, you guys, because it's only 6 days left until book seven comes out and I still need to read book six! Do you think I can do this? Oh, I hope I could!
Empire of Storms

My October Bullet Journal Theme

I am in love with my October Bullet Journal Spreads!

At the last week of September, I still didn't know what theme I would do for October. So I did what I always do when I search for something bullet journal related. I went to Amanda Rach Lee's Instagram and Youtube to look for inspiration. I ended up copying everything she did for her October Spread and I really loved the end result!
Renee's Bullet Journal October Theme
It was so much fun doodling out these magical and witch-related things and the effort was all worth it in the end. I loved how therapeutic it was as I just doodled page after page in my bullet journal. You got to see how one of my weekly spreads look like at the beginning of this blog. 😊 This might be the last one on my list but it most definitely is not the least!

How's your October so far? I hope you're having the time of your lives. If not, hang in there, we can get through this. 💕 2018 is coming to an end, and once again, a new year is coming. Let's make it count!



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