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2023 Reading Challenge

2023 Reading Challenge
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What I Did in My 14-Day Quarantine

What I Did in My 14-Day Quarantine

Hey there! How's it going? I just wanted to write a little life update because I finally, FINALLY, have completed the mandatory quarantine and I am home right now as I am typing this post. So...what did I do in the last 14 days that I was in isolation? A number of things, actually...let's start.

When I arrived at the quarantine facility on the 23rd of August, I was ushered into room number 1. It was a tiny room with only a bed and two tables in it. It had a wall fan and a TV that I never used, and that was pretty much it. I made myself at home. I laid out my things and took out my laptop and other paraphernalia that I brought with me. I was going to stay in that room for 2 weeks after all, so I really had all the things I wanted to have with me to make the 14-days isolation bearable. Having my laptop, kindle and phone was all I needed to stay in my happy bubble. 

Here are the things I did while I was in quarantine:

1. Listened to music non-stop

I cannot go on a single day without having music played. I always make sure I have my headphones with me so that I can listen to my favorite tunes every day. I mainly listened to a lot of Thai Songs - those of 2gether's OST and Mew's songs, Ice Cream by SelPink, jazz and chill music, and a lot of Taylor Swift songs (duh). I also got into the Dynamite fever although I'm not an Army. ✌ I listened to a lot of genres really.

2. Watched Movies and Series

Netflix was my best friend during the quarantine. I continued watching The Big Bang Theory after leaving it off a few years ago, and I realized how much I missed Sheldon and the gang. I also finished TharnType, my second Thai BL series, and I proceeded with Dark Blue Kiss after. As for movies, I watched Friend Zone and I loved it. 

What I Did in My 14-Day Quarantine

3. I Started a New Book

I was going to read Aru Shah and the End of Time but then Jennifer Armentrout's new book was released so I had to drop Aru Shah and start A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire (the second book to From Blood and Ash). I am reading it with a friend who is a huge JenArm fan and though I'm still halfway through the book, it's been really an adventure to be with the characters once again. I have a new favorite character and I am looking forward to what will happen to him in the next chapters of the book.

4. I Played A Lot of Mobile Games

Being stuck in a room means being glued to a piece of technology to pass the time away. That being said, I played a lot of games during the isolation. Of course, I spent a good number of hours playing my ever favorite - Mobile Legends. I also installed Sims Mobile and got busy building my home. Another game I religiously played was Evermerge. 

5. Played O2Jam, too

Aside from playing games on my phone, I also played O2Jam occasionally. I'm not the amateur I used to be because I now can play a level 11 song, haha! I think I need a keyboard to go all out with this game. 

6. Fangirled over Still 2gether

I stayed up late on Fridays because I always anticipated the release of Still 2gether's new episodes. The fangirl in me was super happy to watch the show but I am now torn about feeling happy and sad because we are only left with one episode more. *Sigh* 

7. Did Another 14-Day Tiktok Challenge 

Just like what I did the last time when the pandemic started, I uploaded TikTok videos for 14 days straight. What else can you do in 2 weeks if not being sucked into the world of TikTok? 😅 You can follow my TikTok Account here.

8. Talked to Family and Friends

And of course, I talked to my family and friends during my isolation to ease the loneliness. I was itching to go home because my home was just a few kilometers away and it was just frustrating to wait out another 2 weeks. But it's the protocol and I don't want to be a walking hazard around my family so yes, I just had to grit my teeth and bear the days alone in isolation.

My stay at the facility was uneventful, but it was peaceful and I had a lot of rest which was just what I needed before going back for good in my chaotic home, hehe. I am now home and I forgot how noisy this house can be. I need to get used to being around people again after being by myself for so long. But everything's good. It's good to be home and to be with the people I love. It feels good to be in a place where my worries are only what to eat and do later on, haha. 

Now I need to bust my ass off again and find another job to sustain my wants. Wish me luck! xx



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