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2023 Reading Challenge

2023 Reading Challenge
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The Happy List Vol. 09

Renee's Happy List Vol. 09

I've been thinking of a good intro for this blog post for the past 2 hours now but I still haven't thought of anything so I said fuck it and just write whatever is at the top of my mind. 

We're through with March's first week, how was it for you? It was eventful for me. I had a couple of deadlines to finish and thankfully, I did all of them on time. This is actually the first weekend in the last month that I am free, and I am enjoying it.

I've been doing a lot of thinking these days. Things like what should I do for the next 5 months, next 2 years, 5 years, and so forth. I started thinking about the future again now that I think we are nearing the end of the tunnel of this COVID crisis. I really want to at least get out of the house and visit my friends in the city once this year (LOL). So I'm feeling hopeful this is possible soon.

Anyway, this post is going to be about the things that made my heart happy in the past few months. There are a couple of things but most of them are BTS-related so I'm just going to warn you beforehand that this is going to be somewhat another fangirling post. 😂

My Growing BTS Merch Collection

BTS Merch Collection

My room is becoming a museum of sorts. Yesterday, my dad went in and just started inspecting all the new things he found. Exhibit A: the new metal bookshelf I bought to display my BTS merch with the poster I tacked at the top. Exhibit B: the floating shelves that I filled with BTS albums, Tiny Tan, and BT21 merch. Exhibit C: my books in the book cart and other bookshelf spaces (though not pictured). I have slowly transformed my bedroom into a little haven filled with all the things I love. I stay inside my room 90% of the time and it just makes sense to make it into space I love hanging out in. I look around and I just see my hard work in the flesh. It's satisfying to think that I have worked hard to get all of these things. 😊

Renee's Bullet Journal - March Spread

Bullet Journaling

It's no secret that I keep a journal religiously. This year though, I haven't posted anything about it here on my blog but that doesn't mean that I am not keeping one anymore. 

Journaling has become a vital part of my life because it's where I attempt to have a sense of control and organization. It's a tool for me to achieve that sense of keeping everything together - from my thoughts to my monthly expenses to my to-do lists to my goals and wants. You could say that it has a little bit of everything.

Also, my journal has become very simplistic this year. I haven't done a lot of doodling like I used to ever since I bought stickers. I have been relying heavily on stickers to decorate my spreads and I'm loving it. 

Run BTS (달려라 방탄)

I have finally caught up with this variety show. I started watching its episodes from the very beginning in January and finally, in February, I have caught up to the latest (they currently have 131 episodes out and counting!). Now, I look forward to Tuesdays because it's when a new episode is released. This show makes me laugh so much. Every episode is so much fun to watch. This show is actually what cemented me to become a fan of BTS. I love their personalities. I love how goofy they are. I love seeing them so candid. It's so refreshing to see popstars being just themselves. This is where you can see a different side of each member and I just love how they have continued on with this show after 6 years. And the chemistry and friendship they have with each other? It's unrivaled. I love them. 💜

The Queen's Gambit

I just started watching this series on Friday and I get why it was very hyped when it was released. The story and the casts are so good! I love the main actress and how she portrays her character. I can't really tell that she's just acting because what she does feels very real. 

I'm not a big fan of chess, I suck at it. But this show made me really interested in what she's doing. Beth is incredible. I'm still on episode 5 but I want to read the book after I finish this series.

BTS on Soundcloud

Now that I have listened to most of BTS's discography (if not all), I have branched out of Spotify and Apple Music. I am also listening to them on Soundcloud now. This is where they upload their unreleased music, covers, and remixes. And there's a lot of them! I created a playlist because sometimes, I just want to vibe and listen to their soft, mellow tunes. It helps me relax and reorganize my thoughts. In fact, it's what's playing on my speaker as I am writing this entry. 😊💜

Bonus: Agust D's and RM's mixtapes :D

What's on your happy list?



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