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Fearless (Taylor's Version) 04.09 💛 It was the night things changed.

Fearless (Taylor's Version) 04.09
Fearless (Taylor's Version)

Fearless was an album full of magic and curiosity, the bliss and devastation of youth. It was the diary of the adventures and explorations of a teenage girl who was learning tiny lessons with every new crack in the facade of the fairytale ending she'd been shown in the movies. - Taylor Swift

Fearless was an album that defined my teenage years when I transitioned from being a high school student to being a college freshman entering university. It's the era I fell in love with Taylor and her music. I was 14 then and I remember I was in my last year of high school when Love Story was released and became so popular at school. 

So as not to make this a very long story, my swiftie journey all began with Love Story, and this re-release got me so emotional because these songs meant so much to me growing up. I loved this album so much and now, 13 years later, we've been graced by a re-record with Taylor's mature vocals and 6 new songs From The Vault. It's like seeing a childhood best friend I haven't met for so long, only to feel like things never really changed but at the same time, everything has.

This re-record was a move Taylor made to regain her past work and as a long-time fan, I have been supporting Taylor in all of her endeavors. As a girl who struggled through her teenage years, I looked up to Taylor as my role model and nothing has made me so proud than witnessing another girl growing into a woman who learned how to defend and fight for herself. 

I could go on and on professing my love for Taylor but I'll stop right here. 

Since Lover, it has become my personal tradition here on my blog to write my feelings and reactions when I first heard the album. For Fearless, an album with songs that I have mostly heard and listened to countless times now, I felt like breaking the cycle. I almost did, but I still have pent-up thoughts and emotions so I'm laying them all down here for my peace of mind. 

I suggest you play her album from the beginning till the end as you read this one to make it more enjoyable. 😊


Fearless is one of my favorite tracks from this album. The instrumentals, the guitar, the bubbly lyrics, the feels. This song takes me back to a time when I was in love with the thought of love when I was just a teenager. I love how Taylor talked about what fearless meant to her, and until today, I hold those words close to my heart. So close, I even decided to have the word fearless as my first tattoo.

Favorite Lyrics:

You pull me in and I’m a little more brave
It’s a first kiss, it’s flawless, really something
It’s fearless


Honestly, it took me a while to appreciate this song. I was actually a freshman in college when I was fifteen and I thought my life would play out just like how this song goes. I gushed about this song with my cousin and *sigh*, fifteen. I was so young by then. I can't help but feel nostalgic now. And you know what else I love about this song? Abigail. I love how she and Taylor are still best friends.

Favorite Lyrics:

But I’ve found time can heal most anything
And you just might find who you’re supposed to be
I didn’t know who I was supposed to be
At fifteen 

Love Story

Yes, here we are. The song that catapulted Taylor to international stardom. We all know the original storyline that inspired this song. And for Taylor to put her own twist in the story by adding a happily ever after in its ending was the frosting on the cupcake. Lyrically and sonically, nobody can deny that this song is a masterpiece, and to think Taylor (who was 16 by then) only wrote this in about twenty minutes on her bedroom floor. THE TALENT. I will forever be in awe.

Favorite Lyrics:

This love is difficult but it's real

Hey Stephen

Hey Stephen is a very fun song and I have always loved humming and singing along to it ever since. With Taylor's mature vocals, the song had a different kind of feel to it BUT it's still the Hey Stephen I've sung along to so many times in the past. And her laugh in the last part??? YES! I wonder how Stephen is doing today. 😂

Favorite Lyrics:

Hey Stephen, I could give you fifty reasons why I should be the one you choose
All those other girls, well they’re beautiful but would they write a song for you

White Horse

When I had my first heartbreak in high school (wow 😂), this was one of the songs I listened to so often. I've always felt like I was the girl Taylor was singing about. This is one of the things why I love Taylor and her music. Because at the time when she releases her diaristic songs, it feels like she's read mine and wrote a few songs about what happened to me. At some point, what she was experiencing happened to me, too. And I think that's why a lot of girls who were around her age (like me) became loyal fans to her because her songs are so relatable.

Favorite Lyrics:

I’m gonna find someone someday
Who might actually treat me well

You Belong With Me

You Belong With Me has become an anthem at some point in my life and up until today, whenever it plays on the speakers, I can't help but sing along and dance to it. The lyrics of this song paint a picture so clear, listening to it feels like you're watching a teen flick movie. Taylor is a lyrics genius.

Favorite Lyrics:

I’m the one who makes you laugh when you know you’re ‘bout to cry 
I know your favorite songs and you tell me about your dreams 
I think I know where you belong, I think I know it’s with me 


This is one of the mellow songs in the record and one of my favorites as well. The tempo of the song is such a pleasant melody to listen to and Taylor and Colbie's harmonization is *chef's kiss*. 

Favorite Lyrics:

People are people and sometimes we change our minds

Tell Me Why

This is one of the most underrated Taylor songs, in my opinion. I don't understand why not a lot of people appreciate this when this is such a gem. Yes, the lyrics are very teen-angsty but that's the whole point! Taylor wrote this when she was a teenager and this is such a cathartic song to sing when you have all those unreleased emotions inside you. TBH, this is one of my favorite songs to scream-sing to until today. 

Favorite Lyrics:

Well you could write a book on how to ruin someone’s perfect day

You're Not Sorry

You're Not Sorry is another favorite of mine. My gosh, at this point, I think you'll be thinking that all the tracks are my favorite...and you are not wrong. HAHAHA. Anyway, one distinct memory I have about this song is when I felt so wronged by someone and this song was just stuck in my head. Every time I remember what he did to me, I would just automatically start singing "And you’re thinking we’ll be fine again but not this time around" so dramatically. 😂 Oh my god, teenage me is so cringe-y.

Favorite Lyrics:

And you can tell me that you’re sorry
But I don’t believe you baby
Like I did before

The Way I Loved You

THE WAY THIS SONG SLAPS! I'm stealing this from a tweet I saw, "I would never romanticize toxic relationships BUT I MISS SCREAMING AND FIGHTING AND KISSING IN THE RAIN AND IT'S 2 AM AND I'M CURSING YOUR NAME????? SO IN LOVE THAT YOU ACT INSANE AND THAT'S THE WAY I LOVED YOU!" - source. My favorite song to scream-sing to is this one! My gosh, the number of times I came out hoarse from singing this from one of my many Taylor Swift singing sessions is countless. 😂 I will forever love this song even if I can't relate to it.

Favorite Lyrics:

He can't see the smile I'm faking
And my heart's not breaking
Cause I'm not feeling anything at all 

Forever & Always

(I'll be talking about this one later)

The Best Day

Ahhhh, my heart is gently squeezed every time this song plays. I adore Taylor's relationship with her mother and this song is just so heartfelt. Mama Swift, thank you for giving birth to an incredible woman we know today as Taylor Swift! 💖

Favorite Lyrics:

I know you were on my side even when I was wrong
And I love you for giving me your eyes
For staying back and watching me shine and I didn't know if you knew
So I’m taking this chance to say that I had the best day with you today


Shivers, shivers down my spine. I love this song so much and this even means so much more now. I am ever so proud of Taylor and all her accomplishments. 

Favorite Lyrics:

Fight for what we’ve worked for all these years
And the battle was long, it’s the fight of our lives
But we’ll stand up champions tonight 

Jump Then Fall

I remember hearing this song the first time in a computer shop and instantly falling in love with it. I played it nonstop until I got tired of it. Today, hearing it again gave me nostalgia. Taylor really made it possible for us to travel back in time.

Favorite Lyrics:

When people say things that bring you to your knees, I’ll catch you


Untouchable is a whole other level among the additional tracks of Fearless when its platinum edition was released. Although it's a cover, I've always viewed it as a Taylor original. The arrangement, the strings, the melody, the breathy vocals, the heavenly feels. This song is heaven. I didn't know it was possible for me to love this song even more.

Favorite Lyrics:

In the middle of the night when I'm in this dream
It's like a million little stars spelling out your name 

Forever & Always (Piano Version)

I love this piano version more than the original because I'm a sucker for sad, mellow songs. But I never thought it could get any sadder. With Taylor singing it like she's on the verge of crying makes my heart cry. 

Favorite Lyrics:

So here's to everything coming down to nothing
Here's to silence that cuts me to the core
Where is this going? 

I was there when you said forever and always 

Come In With The Rain

This was not in my list of favorites before but it is now. The first line just hits the spot for me. Understandable that my teenage self wouldn't understand the depth of this song. It's a different story now, though. 

Favorite Lyrics:

I could go back to every laugh
But I don’t wanna go there anymore 


Funny how I used to associate this song with my love for the Jonas Brothers. Back then, when Camp Rock was so popular, I had a huge crush on Joe Jonas. LOL (if you know, you know 😉)

Favorite Lyrics:

And you’ll never see you sing me to sleep
Every night from the radio 

The Other Side Of The Door

This song has the BEST outro. Yes, that's it. That's all I have to say... Also, I used to imagine myself living the lyrics to this music. I've wanted someone to stay with me through it all. Despite my weirdness, my craziness, my indecisiveness, someone would be patient enough to stay by my side. Well, I'm still waiting. I'll let you know how it goes. 😂

Favorite Lyrics:

I said leave, but baby all I want is you
To stand outside my window throwing pebbles
Screaming I’m in love with you 

Today Was a Fairytale

Whenever this song plays, Taylor Lautner always floats into my mind. I was a big Taylor-Taylor shipper. Oh well, that didn't work out. I'm happy Taylor has Joe now. 😊

Favorite Lyrics:

Time slows down
Whenever you’re around
I can feel my heart
It’s beating in my chest 

You All Over Me (From The Vault)

The first time I knew that Taylor is collaborating with Maren Morris for this song, I was so excited because I love Maren. When I heard this song, one thought lingered in my head. If Taylor held this wonderful song from us for 13 years, how are we going to handle hearing five more? I-

Favorite Lyrics:

So I lied, and I cried
And I watched a part of myself die
Cause no amount of freedom gets you clean

Mr. Perfectly Fine (From The Vault)

This song is SUCH a bop that I learned it in no time! And the lyrics slap, too! I can't believe Taylor hid this gem from us. Taylor, this is a few years too late! But thank you for writing this song. I finally have something to sing when I'm feeling sassy. GOODBYE MR. PERFECTLY FINE

Favorite Lyrics:

Mr. leaves me all alone
I fall apart
It takes everything in me just to get up each day
But it’s wonderful to see that you’re okay

It’s such a shame
Cause I was Miss here to stay
Now I’m Miss gonna be alright someday

We Were Happy (From The Vault)

As expected, a song with "happy" in its title is far from happy. I've learned from 'happiness' so I was not surprised. A 13-year-old song that I could relate to so much right now, and I just can't help but feel sad and nostalgic as I listen to this. We were happy indeed.

Favorite Lyrics:

You threw your arms around my neck
Back when I deserved it
And we were happy

That's When (From The Vault)

Taylor and Keith had previously worked together on Highway Don't Care with Tim Mcgraw but I think this is the first time they're singing together. How their voices mended so well made the song all the more wonderful. It's peak country music and *sigh*, I really like this track. Again, the nostalgia I felt, the regret, the sadness, the longing. This song takes me back to so many moments in my past. But then again, as one tweet said, "SWIFTIES, LET’S HOLD EACH OTHER'S HANDS. DON’T LET ANYONE DO ANYTHING STUPID. DON’T THINK ABOUT MESSAGING YOUR EX." - source HAHAHA kbye 

Favorite Lyrics:

And I knew my words were hard to hear
And harder to ever take back

Don't You (From The Vault)

This song hurts! I noticed how all of the From The Vault songs are break-up songs and listening to them made me feel like I was being dumped again. 😅 

Favorite Lyrics:

So I’ll walk out of here tonight
Tried to go on with my life
And you can say we’re still friends
But I don’t want to pretend

Bye Bye Baby (From The Vault)

This is probably my favorite From The Vault songs alongside Mr. Perfectly Fine. The way I could relate to every lyric??? Again, HOW CAN TAYLOR HOLD THIS SONG FROM US. I'm a crying mess after hearing this one. When she sings "And all I have is your sympathy. Cause you took me home but you just couldn’t keep me", I was transported back to the time when I was inside my ex's car crying. He really took me home but he didn't keep me. HAHAHAHA SHET. The painful memories resurfaced and I just- 😭 

Favorite Lyrics:

I was so sure of everything
Everything I thought we’d always have 

Guess I never doubted it
Then the here and the now floods in
Feels like I’m becoming
A part of your past 

And all I have is your sympathy
Cause you took me home 
But you just couldn’t keep me 

Ahhh, this album just transported me back to my teenage years. Listening to the songs I knew all too well for years and finding all the new enhancements in them made me love this album even more. And the additional new songs felt like they completed the whole package of the Fearless journey. I am always in awe at everything Taylor puts out. She gives us her heart and we happily receive it with huge smiles on our faces. 

Becoming a Swiftie is one of the best things that happened to me. The journey I took growing up with Taylor and her music, I will never trade it for anything. Discovering Taylor at age 14 was something that shaped up my life. 

If this Fearless re-record exceeded all of my expectations, I can't imagine how the Speak Now and Red re-records will affect me. Those albums helped me through life as much as this one did.

This post is long enough and I think it's time to end it. As always, I will never get tired of telling you how much I love Taylor Swift. Check out here Fearless (Taylor's Version) on Spotify! xx



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