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Renee Alexis
20-something Filipina, an introvert who loves young adult fiction, brush pens, Taylor Swift, and BTS. Coffee runs in my bloodstream.


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2023 Reading Challenge

2023 Reading Challenge
Renee Alexis has read 0 books toward her goal of 30 books.

Renee's Sunday Currently Vol. 13

Renee's Sunday Currently Vol. 13

Hello! Happy Sunday! How was your weekend? Mine was great. I did nothing but paint and watch Netflix shows. I've really taken my weekends to be work-free quite seriously and it's good to just laze around and take a break from facing my laptop screen. This is an exception though, coz I was itching to write a Sunday Currently post today. Let's start...


READING Chloe Gong's These Violent Delights. I've been in the worst slump for the past few weeks or has it been 2 months now? Anyway, I started this book last July for a book club read but I was not in the right headspace when I dived into it and so I found it slow, and ultimately I dropped it and just stopped reading for a while. I've seen so many raves and good reviews about this book and I really wanted to get into the hype behind it. I finished 2 books in the past two weeks and I think I'm ready to get on with this again and so I picked it up today to continue where I left it. Fingers crossed that I'd finish it soon.

WRITING this post. Haha! I journaled a little bit this afternoon and that's about all the writing I did today.

LISTENING to TXT's (Tomorrow By Together) newest single Lo$er=Lover and I've been in an LSS since it came out last week. These boys are just too cute, I couldn't resist!

THINKING about the things I need to do for work this week. I've already made my to-do list earlier and I'm just going through everything in my head again. This is my OC self working at its best.

WEARING a white shirt and black shorts. I have my fluffy hairband and, of course, my glasses. 

HOPING that the COVID cases here in our area decreases. The Delta variant has entered our island and it feels like all the efforts and progress of going back to normal has become useless. *sigh* When will this pandemic end...

LOVING my book/BTS shelf! It's looking fuller than ever and I love it! My BTS album collection has been growing since I started collecting them in January and I just love looking at them. 

WANTING egg pie. I have been craving an egg pie since last month. And it seems like the odds are not in my favor. I wish we have an oven so I can just make one for myself. 😭

NEEDING more focus. There were days when I just can't seem to get myself into attention. My mind wanders and my mood changes every now and then. My emotions are all over the place and sometimes it's just all overwhelming. I cannot spiral down again. I just did. And I just got back up. I can't spiral down AGAIN.

FEELING okay, I guess. Some days I'm not okay but today is not one of those days. Today, I'm feeling okay. Not good. Just okay.

CLICKING through Goodreads to update my reading progress. I'm pissed at the reading challenge though because some books are doubled. I don't know what bug this is but it's showing that I've read 3 books twice. I'm pissed. UGH

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