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2023 Reading Challenge

2023 Reading Challenge
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What I've Been Watching | 02

What I've Been Watching | 02 - Renee Alexis

Hi. I'm back. It's been a while. Life happened again, and as much as I wanted to write a blog post in this space, I lacked the motivation and energy to make one. I also kinda took a break from making podcast episodes. I thought I would be consistent on that at least, but who am I kidding. I'm never one for consistency. I hope to be back though after I can get over all the things I'm overcoming these days. But I'll be back, I promise to myself.

Anyway, for the sake of updating this space, I thought I'd make another series recommendation just like the first one I did. This time, it won't be just Korean Dramas hehe. These are all available on Netflix. 😉

Hospital Playlist Season 2

I'm a big fan of the first season and after its last episode, I was one of the many who wished for a season 2. Now that Season 2 is here, I'm following each episode as it's released weekly. This Kdrama is a slice of life series. There's not much action or conflict that would give you an adrenaline rush so some people find it boring. But as someone who loved Reply 1988, this drama is just right up my alley. That plus the new OST's they have in each episode is the reason why I really like this drama.


This is a romance drama between a girl named Nabi who fell in love with a guy with so many red flags. This drama trended on social media when it was released and I really didn't have the plans to watch it. But curiosity took over when I was browsing Netflix. I ended up watching episodes 1 and 2. Every single episode, I yell at Nabi as if she could hear me. This was one of those kdramas that you want to shake the lead character to get her to use her brain. But as I watched more episodes, I realized Nabi is smart. I can kinda relate to her. She tries her best to distance herself from a man who has a high chance of hurting her in the end, but then no matter how much she resists, the heart just wants what it wants. #marupok (I know we can all relate... or is it just me)

Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia

After binge-watching Attack on Titans, my sister and I wanted another series to watch, and this one was what we agreed to. I saw a clip on TikTok about this cartoon and I was curious. At first, it was confusing because there was a lot of Trollhunter series on Netflix so I had to make quick research before we started. Apparently, this animated series was a trilogy that goes Trollhunters, 3Below, and Wizards, respectively, then it has a full-length film, Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans that concludes the series. I was stoked by the amount of content that we are going to consume so we started right away. We are currently on to the last episode of Season 1 (Trollhunters has 3 seasons).

Glow Up

I love make-up and I have been a fan of Glow Up since its first season. I just learned it already has a season 3 so I'm just going to binge-watch it. I really like seeing makeup artists transform their faces and their model's faces into a work of art. I'm just amazed every time I watch an episode of this series. Make-up is really a skill that only a select people can master.

What are you currently watching? Any recos for me? xx



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