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by Renee Alexis

Renee Alexis
20-something Filipina, an introvert who loves young adult fiction, brush pens, Taylor Swift, and BTS. Coffee runs in my bloodstream.


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2023 Reading Challenge

2023 Reading Challenge
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I Make Playlists

I Make Playlists | Renee Alexis

I listen to a lot of music genres and over the years, I've discovered more and more types of music that I grew to like. I go through a lot of different emotions and in every type of mood I have, I always associate it with music. 

I guess you could say that music is a big part of my life and I never go through a day without listening to music, whatever it is that suits my mood. Whether I'm happy or sad or mad, whether I'm reading or doing chores, I always turn to music. It's my comfort, it's home. 

Music just hits differently, you know?

Before music streaming like Apple Music and Spotify became the norm, I was the kid who owned a Walkman CD player. I had a collection of burned CDs containing my favorite tunes. I even took ownership of some of my father's albums, the ABBA and the Michael Learns to Rock ones. I used to save up a portion of my allowance to go to a computer shop and ask them to burn a CD containing the songs I listed down on a piece of paper.

Even before Spotify existed, I made my own playlists, my own mixtapes. 

I would play and replay my music collection until the CDs become scratched and would skip over songs at times. Those were good times...

That's why today, it's just wonderful that we can have access to all the music we want to listen to from these streaming platforms. It may not be a big deal to everyone, and maybe sometimes we take this fact for granted, but I am just reminded from time to time that there are wonderful things to be grateful for to live in a modern world. That even if a lot of bad things happened and are still happening, there are still wonderful things that make life easier and maybe worth living.

Anyway, enough about all those mushy stuff. I'm just actually here to share with you my Spotify Playlists. 😂 At least my favorite ones because I have a lot, a LOT. 

Listen to the Mixtape 15: summer roadtrip if you miss being on the road.

If you crave a chill and relaxing afternoon, listen to Mixtape 5: just relax.

If it's raining and you're feeling a little sentimental, give Mixtape 4: it's raining a go.

Feeling inspired by the butterflies in your tummy? Mixtape 19: a new beginning is the playlist for you.

Sometimes, we venture to the dark side and feel down for a reason, so I made Mixtape 20: Sadboi Bops. Sad songs but has boppy tunes, you'll still flick your head to the beat despite the sadness. 😂

Picture this: A Friday afternoon. You are sipping the coffee from your favorite mug. Feelings are relaxed because you just finished your last task for the week and you're just savouring the feeling of being free for the weekend. Listen to Mixtape 28: A Friday Afternoon.

Need a mood booster playlist? Here's Mixtape 17: Pick Me Up

Need an extra push to encourage you to be your best self? Here's Mixtape 10: be empowered

Do you stay up late at night and need a playlist to accompany you in that silence? Mixtape 30: Late Night Shenanigans

Are you an old soul and you love the feeling of nostalgia? Mixtape 3: old but gold is for you.

Nursing a broken heart? I also have a playlist (or three) for that. Mixtape 13: heartaches & heartbreaks

Or maybe you're madly in love so here's Mixtape 12: fall in love for you.

Do you like to listen to instrumentals? I love them, too. Mixtape 21: Relaxing Piano

Maybe you like Disney, too, like me. Yes, I also made a playlist for that. Mixtape 31: Favorite Disney Songs

Lastly, here's a maoy playlist for those who are still stuck in heartbreak. It will pass in time, trust me. Mixtape 33: Maoy Playlist

I have more in my arsenal and if you want to explore them, you can just go to my profile here. What is your favorite music? And do you also make playlists? I would like to see them if you're willing to share them. It's a chance for me to discover new tunes and artists! ^_^ Have a good night ~ xx


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