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2023 Reading Challenge

2023 Reading Challenge
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Going Green: Another Hairstory

Going Green: Another Hairstory | Renee Alexis

I've always been adventurous with my hair, but since I left for Dubai, I haven't touched it and just simply let it grow freely. I've had it grown long, I've cut it short and then grew it again. 

It was a boring cycle of long and short locks, and maybe it's this spontaneous side of me but when I was scrolling through shopee, I stumbled upon Colourette's page. I knew they were popular for their affordable and quality lip products. I didn't know they have a bleach and hair dye line. I was immediately sold. Learning that their products were vegan and cruelty-free, I purchased two sets of their Bleach Cloud bleach and two colors of Sky Dye (green and violet). I splurged and it was maybe a poor decision-making moment but their products were worth it!

Colourette Bleach Cloud and Sky Dye | Renee Alexis

I received my orders a week later and I immediately tried their bleach. They were right, their bleach wasn't as harsh as all the other bleaches I've tried in the past. Theirs were gentler and not as pungent. It still stung when I bleached my roots, but not as much. It was incredible because all the other times I've bleached my hair, I've always felt my hair burning. But not with this one! So yes, I'm pretty happy I bought 2 sets for 399 pesos each. Such a steal because its regular price is 549!

Anyway, to make the long story short, I've decided to try out the green hair dye first just because. And I loved the outcome! It turned out lighter than expected but it was still beautiful. 

I really liked how the Sky Dye pampered my bleached hair. The hair dye was conditioner-based so it really neutralized the drying effect of the Bleach Cloud.  

Renee Alexis in different hair colors

After just 2 weeks of having this shade of green on my head, I grew restless because I really wanted a deeper color. So, I scoured shopee again. hehehe

I found a shop selling Herani hair dyes and they have an even wider selection of colors. I was in hair dye heaven. I got one in Mermaid's Wish - it's a blue-green color, like a deep aquamarine. It's my current hair color and I'm loving it much more than the green one. 

I'm thinking of bleaching my whole head now so that I'll have a whole head of aquamarine. Maybe next month. I won't overwhelm my scalp with frequent bleaching because I don't want to stress my hair, haha! 

I've been doing things more and more spontaneously these days and maybe this is a product of being just stuck at home with nothing new to experience in the past 2 years. Maybe it's just me embracing this "go with my gut" side of myself that I've suppressed for so long. Someone said I'm the kind of person who, while impulsive and spontaneous, still has a calculated side when I really think about it. And I think this is an accurate description of who I am right now. I am then reminded of Seokjin and how he shared that he lives his life how he wants it. Like he just does things when he feels like it and when he doesn't, then he won't. 

Maybe I'm one in those phases where I'm just really going with my gut and then let the consequences of my decisions bite me after. Life is short. I'm going to do what I want when I still can. xx



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