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2023 Reading Challenge
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Tomorrow by Together ACT: LOVESICK World Tour in Manila | My First Concert

Tomorrow by Together ACT: LOVESICK World Tour in Manila
It was such a blast and, at times when I think about it, it still feels like a fever dream.

Hi guys! I'm back and I'm here to recount what happened when I flew to Manila to see the TXT Concert in MOA Arena last October 27! As usual, this may be just a sporadic update because I want to record and immortalize this memory. Storytelling starts in 3...2...1!

When Big Hit announced sometime earlier this year that TXT is going on an Asia Tour and the Philippines is included in their stops, I instantly wanted to go and see them. I've been following these boys since last year and have been listening to their albums. I've become a fan over time when I got glimpses of their chaotic personalities and their music is really good, too. The fangirl inside me was giddy with excitement waiting for the announcement of when the tickets would go on sale. I created a budget and started saving up.

When the announcement came, the dates were changed from weekends to weekdays and I became disheartened. I was thinking about work and I wasn't sure if I could go on a weekday. On the day that the tickets went on sale, I was out with friends and didn't bother checking in—I won't be able to go anyway so why bother.

TXT fans all over my Twitter feed were hyped and I was genuinely happy for my friends who got tickets. I consoled myself by thinking that I'd be going to Camiguin for a weekend getaway so maybe it's not that bad to miss out on the concert.

Come the last week of September and a Twitter mutual who's also a big fan of TXT was selling his original ticket because he got his desired seat. My heart leaped. Was this a sign? Should I tweet "mine"? I got very excited but then I held in my emotions and slept on it for a few days. A week passed and the ticket was still available and at a lowered price. This was it. This was the sign that this ticket was really for me because all the people who replied to the tweet didn't purchase it. I quickly messaged this Twitter moot and he was so kind. After talking to him and sealing the deal, he shipped the ticket on the same day. I received it 3 days after and I was over the moon. I was really going to see TXT in person!

Tomorrow by Together ACT: LOVESICK tickets

I booked everything then and fast-forward to d-day (27th of October), the manic Renee woke up at 8 in the morning with just 3 hours of sleep. I'd already packed my bags the night before so all I needed to do was get myself ready to catch the next ferry and then ride a tricycle to take me to the airport. I got Mcdonald's takeout and ate that while waiting eagerly for the first direct flight to Manila (I had my original flight rebooked so that I can arrive earlier). 

Tomorrow by Together ACT: LOVESICK | Renee Alexis

I arrived in Manila at 4 pm and rushed to get to my hotel to leave my things and freshen up. With only a few hours to spare, I was racing through time. Thankfully, I got to MOA Arena a little after 5—just in time to get in the queue because I'm on VIP A Standing. I also got to meet Anne before I got in line and then we were ushered into the venue.

As I walked through the entrance, it all felt surreal that I had to stop for a moment to take in my surroundings. Everything I went through earlier just to get there dawned on me and I couldn't believe that I was brave enough to venture alone like that for the first time. (At least for me, it was brave.) It was the first time I went to Ozamis alone, my first time to ride a plane alone, my first time to go to Manila alone, the first time to go to a concert EVER. I've unlocked so many firsts and it was overwhelming, to say the least. 

The venue slowly filled over time and despite the hunger and thirst and fatigue I felt while waiting for the show to start, the energy of the audience filled me up and I got through the concert with that rush. 

It was both nothing and everything that I'd expected. The concert was perfect in every sense of the word. The production, the stage, the audio, the performance, the boys. The show lasted for more or less 3 hours of fun and music, and I was just beyond happy at that moment. When the confetti rained down, I felt high. This was a core memory. This was everything I hoped for and anticipated for months. Everything was perfect to the tee. The audience was entranced and by "audience", I meant me. I was captivated by them and if this was how concerts go, I am so excited for my next ones!

I thought I'd be able to form more tangible words about the thoughts I have for this experience but then, as I write this piece, all I could just say is it was amazing and definitely a memory I would cherish for life. 

Tomorrow by Together ACT: LOVESICK in Manila

After the concert, I met up with Des and Kat - friends I met on the internet who share the same interests as me (Swiftie, ARMY, book lovers, KPop fans). They went to the concert as well but we weren't in the same area. We talked about the show over dinner and promised to meet up again the next day. I got home at almost 2 in the morning and collapsed in bed for the much-needed rest. I was beyond exhausted but thinking back on it now, all the effort, time, and money was worth it. I saw TXT in person, I saw Yeonjun's smile and Soobin's dimples, and heard Taehyun's raspy voice I love so much. I saw Beomgyu and Kai in all their glory. I hear Loser=Lover and 0x1=LOVESONG live. It was a night I would look back to over and over. xx



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