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2023 Reading Challenge
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My Korean Beauty Products OVER Haul

Korean Products OVER Haul

Last month, I discovered the joys of buying beauty products at Althea Korea. I have always been interested in skin care but it wasn't until last month that I got to know about the Korean Routine. I was instantly hooked as I watched videos after videos on youtube. I have watched A LOT but my favorites (aka most watched channels) would have to be Joan Kim, The Beauty Breakdown, and Hey It's Feiii. Add to that equation a friend who was as into the Korean Skin Care Routine who made the biggest help in enlightening me of all the confusing stuff, I was sold. I immediately looked at the many products Althea had to offer and before I knew it, I purchased 4 boxes of goodies in just a span of 2 weeks.

Prepare for a photo loaded post in 3...2...1...

Althea Body Box

The first box I got is Althea's Body Box. Now, these Althea Boxes are just screaming SULIT because you can get a lot of products at a very good price! Like this Body Box, I got all of these products for just a thousand pesos, while originally the total price for all of these would be P3760. So I saved P2700 for all 8 items!!!

Althea Body Box

I loved unboxing an Althea Box because it's really exciting to see the products you only saw on screen, in personal. Each item is also packed with care as they were all wrapped in bubble wraps which I love so much! Here are what's inside the box:
  1. My Body Cotton Flower Body Cleanser
  2. My Body Cotton Flower Lotion
  3. My Beauty Tool Lovely Etti Shower Ball
  4. Aida Wonder Shiny Scrub
  5. Aida Cosmetic Wonder Bikiny Body Patch (1 Box with 6 packs of patches)
  6. Demeter White Musk Body Essence Mist
  7. Silky Feet Monthly New Feet Pack
  8. Calmia Silky Perfect Foot Peeling
I have yet to use these products when I get home, for now, I've only tried using the Demeter White Musk Body Essence Mist and it was wonderful. It was really moisturizing and it doubles up as a perfume as it is very fragrant and it does not go away quickly.

Althea Korea Haul

Along with the Body Box, I also purchased some items that were put in a separate box because it won't fit in just one. Here's a list:
  1. Apate Black Pack
  2. 3 Y.E.T Don't Worry Mask Sheet for Nutrition
  3. 3 Y.E.T Don't Worry Mask Sheet for Oil Control
  4. 2 Melt Me Blackhead Nose Pack
  5. Selfie Perfect Eyebrow in Dark Brown
Althea Korea Products

One product I was looking forward to getting in this first purchase, aside from the Body Box, was the Apate Black Pack. I have wanted a black wash-off mask for so long, so when I stumbled upon this product, I immediately put it in my cart. It has great reviews and has a high rating so I was really excited!

So far, I've only tried the black pack and the selfie perfect eyebrow. The black pack feels so nice! I love how my skin feels after I wash it off. And the perfect eyebrow is great, too, and it comes along with a spare! Most importantly, it was just the right brown shade for me. 😊

Althea x W-Lab Speacial Gift Set

The third box I purchased was this Christmas Special Gift Set from W-LAB. I got all these makeup products for just 1020 pesos which are originally 7142 pesos in total, just compute how much I saved!!! It was such a steal, I didn't have doubts when I clicked the checkout button for this one! 😁

Althea x W-Lab Special Gift Set

Inside the box, I got these:
  1. 1 Blackhole Cushion in N23
  2. 1 Pocket Shadow Palette Blooming
  3. 1 Twinkle Eyes in Glam Chocolat
  4. 1 Velvet Stick in Noble Red
  5. 1 Velvet Stick in Coral
  6. 1 Honey Beam Mask
  7. 1 Water Beam Mask
My favorite item in this box would have to be the Pocket Shadow Palette. Originally, the palette to be included should be the Edge one but due to stocks easily selling out, they changed it into this Blooming Palette. I really wanted to have the Edge Palette because it's more on the brown to nude shades but while this Blooming Palette tends to lean more on the feminine shades, I like it nonetheless. I was also excited to try a cushion but when I got to it, the shade was too light for my complexion so I was disheartened. For the Velvet Sticks, I like the Noble Red because it suits me more than the Coral. I am yet to try the masks and the Twinkle Eyes soon. 😉

Korean Skin Care Products

Last purchase from Althea is this box full of skincare goodies! I happen to want to try the 10-step Korean skincare routine so I bought some products I wanted to try out.
  1. Perfect Facial Deep Cleansing Oil
  2. Skin Food Black Sugar Mask
  3. It's Skin Power 10 Formula VC
  4. Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel
  5. It's My Water Proof Sun Cream
I've tried all of them except for the Aloe Vera Soothing Gel and they were great! 😊

Buying in Althea is so easy. You just have to register an account and for your first purchase, they'll be giving you a 150-peso discount as well as 150 points for you to use on your next purchase. The payment method I used here is Paypal. I love how convenient it is to pay online thru Paypal! As for the arrival of these boxes, I think my first order arrived after 2 weeks, and then my second and third purchases arrived simultaneously in the next week. I was in Zamboanga when they arrived at my home so I had to wait for a week before getting to see them all. (Just imagine my excitement when my dad told me several packages are already waiting for me at home, haha)

Moving on...My haul doesn't end here yet, dear friends. Forgive my shopaholic self. 😂😅 I have more Korean beauty products I bought from and here they are!

Korean Skin Care Products

You should all know by now how addicted I am with sheet masks. On one shop, I purchased all of these for a very low price (hello, December sales!). The seller sent me some freebies so I was very happy upon receiving them! I've already tried the Pomegranate and Royal Jelly, and also that purple one which was the freebie, and so far so good! I love sheet masks! 😁

Korean Skin Care Products

For the last items (and I promise, these are the last), I bought these Mizon products from another seller. I have a growing fascination with anything that contains snail mucins in them so I purchased this Snail Repair Eye Cream and this Snail Recovery Gel Cream as they were highly raved in some of the Youtube videos I've watched. And then, of course, the seller being so generous, gave me some COSRX samples and other freebies to try!

I love these Mizon products, I've been using them since I got them and even though I still don't see miraculous changes, they really feel good after application. I've heard and read a lot about how using an eye cream can definitely make your skin look younger so I think I'm gonna stick with using these products every day! 😃

December had insanely great sales and the online shops were just popping their promos everywhere, I was overwhelmed! And because of the mantra "Treat yourself" was so popular that month, I really, really went overboard online shopping. Now, I've challenged myself on a no-spend January-June because I really need to save up. Let's see if I could push through with this challenge. 😅

And that concludes my Korean Beauty Products OVER haul! If you'd like me to do individual product reviews of the items I showed above, just tell me in the comments section below. I'd be happy to do it! 😊

PS. Should you want to purchase from Althea, click this link so that you can have 350 pesos worth of discount on your first purchase! Happy shopping!


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