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2023 Reading Challenge
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Unboxing Rapunzel's Secret Box from Althea Korea

Unboxing Rapunzel's Secret Box from Althea Korea
I have another box from Althea! And this time, it contains products for the hair. 😁

I have been neglecting my hair's health since I started bleaching and dyeing it. Earlier this year, I have been having hair fall problems and it just became worse. Time and time again, I would switch shampoos to determine what will really work for me and lessen my hair fall. Some worked initially but in the long run, my hair would start to fall out again.

When Althea introduced this new box, I was excited because there is finally a box that doesn't concentrate on the skin. Although the brands from the featured box were foreign to me and I was afraid of trying them out, I was intrigued by them all. I read what the box contained one by and one and I was drawn to this particular product that claimed to be an anti-hair loss shampoo. I slept and thought it over if this box was worth buying and the morning after, the shopper in me was excited that I couldn't help but click that checkout button immediately.

When it arrived, I was giddy. I was so excited when I was opening the box and unloading the items inside. Here, let me show you what's inside Rapunzel's Secret Box.

Piolang CP-1 Head Spa Scalp Tincture
Piolang CP-1 Head Spa Scalp Tincture - ₱390

First product up is this Scalp Tincture from Piolang. It's basically a spray that will help calm, cool and soothe the scalp. It's perfect for those who have itchy and sensitive scalp whenever they are exposed to high temperature. Basically, this product is meant for me, haha. This is the first product I have tried from the box and right then and there, I fell in love. It smells so good and the cooling sensation it gave to my scalp is just wonderful.

Suaviss Limited Edition Travel Kit
Suaviss Perfect One Foaming Pore Cleanser - ₱230, Argan Scalp Shampoo - ₱150, & Argan Brilliant Hair Conditioner - ₱150

A limited edition travel kit with 3 items from Suaviss is included in the box. It has a Shampoo, Conditioner, and Facial Cleanser, all have a 40mL quantity. This kit will be my go-to kit when I would travel and it's perfectly convenient as it already comes with a ziplock bag. I haven't tried any of these products yet so I can't give my initial impressions, hehe.

Dr.Dr B5 Anti-Loss Shampoo (50ml) & Piolang CP-1 Premium Silk Ampoule
Dr.Dr B5 Anti-Loss Shampoo (50ml) - ₱170 & Piolang CP-1 Premium Silk Ampoule - ₱70

This is the shampoo I was talking about earlier. My main problem is hair fall, and I was hoping this would work its wonders for me. I have already started using it and I love its scent and the minty feel it gives my head. If this would lessen my hair fall, I will surely hoard this product!

The box also has this Silk Ampoule for the hair from Piolang and I was wondering what this would do for my hair. It claims to make your hair soft and silky and it would protect your hair from the heat and prevent dryness. I applied it to the tips of my hair the day after I had it bleached. It's not bad, it kinda worked and made my hair tips look healthier and less frizzy.

The Healthy Protein Ampoule (Black Bean)
REAL SKIN the Healthy Protein Hair Ampoule (Black Bean) - ₱400

Next product inside the box is this Protein Hair Ampoule in Black Bean from Real Skin and it's made for oily hair. I still don't know how to use it and what it's for soooo I think I would need to do some research first before trying it. 😅

 Aritaum Colorize Hair Bleach
Aritaum Colorize Hair Bleach - ₱160

There are 2 fun things inside the box. One is this hair bleach from Aritaum. I definitely was excited to try this one and when I did, it worked wonderfully. It bleached the tips of my hair well and I will definitely repurchase soon when I feel like being creative with my hair.

April Skin Turn Up Color Treatment
April Skin Turn Up Color Treatment - ₱470

The next fun product I was dying to try out ever since I saw it on Joan Kim's channel is this Color Treatment from April Skin. I was so excited to use it after I bleached the tips of my hair and I intentionally left it for more than 30 minutes so that my hair can really absorb the pigment. I was just fairly disappointed when I rinsed it off. There was ZERO color on my bleached hair. This product was a huge letdown. The Missha one worked better. But the redeeming point of this April Skin Color Treatment was how it made my hair super soft, super straight, and super silky. It was like my hair hasn't gone through a recent bleaching process.

Mamonde Perfect Repair Hair Mask Pack & Petitfee Koelf Deep Scalp Purifying Swab
Mamonde Perfect Repair Hair Mask Pack - ₱250 & Petitfee Koelf Deep Scalp Purifying Swab

A hair mask pack from Mamonde is also inside the box and it is an easy-to-use steam mask pack. It claims to intensively nourish and repair extremely damaged hair. I am yet to try this, and with its price point, I have high expectations for it.

The next product is interesting. It's a huge cotton swab that is infused with menthol and tea tree reaf oil that claims to remove unpleasant odor, remove oil and waste, and relieve scalp itching. It's disposable and for one-time use only. I can't wait to try it!

Argan Trial Sample Kit
Argan Trial Sample Kit

Last product in the box is this Argan Trial Sample Kit from Suaviss. It's the same shampoo and conditioner from the travel kit I showed earlier so yeah.

That's all the contents of the Rapunzel Box.

If I had purchased the products individually, it would have cost me ₱2,440 excluding the Petitfee Cotton Swab and Suaviss Sample Kits. Good thing Althea curates these themed boxes every month and I got this one for only ₱1,210!

So here we are for the final verdict. Is this box worth buying? Were the products as good as they claim to be? For a box with more than 10 products in it, I think it was worth buying. Though some products were just over-promoted, I would say that they mostly do perform what they claim to do. I have yet to try the other products but for those that I have tried, I was satisfied. Well, except for the April Skin Color Treatment because I was really expecting for it to color my hair, even for just a little.

If you are interested in getting something for yourself on Althea Korea's site, I have here a ₱200 off referral code on your first order if you are a first-time buyer. 😉

With all that's been said, I think I should end my blog here. I hope you had fun going through this unboxing with me. I hope I can do an update when I found products that are worth mentioning again on this blog. For now, toodles! 


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